Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 weeks + 2 days to go

Roan asked me to take her picture tonight. What a smile! She was all camera happy tonight, so all the photos except the one above are courtesy of Miss Roan.

I had my 36 week checkup today. They went ahead and did an ultrasound to take a peek at the baby, since they suspected he's big. Now why would they think that?!

The ultrasound confirmed what we all suspected: he's large and in charge! The first thing they looked at was his head. Arwen commented to the tech, "His head looks pretty big. Is it big?" She replied emphatically, "I would never tell a mom her baby has a big head!" To which I replied, "Oh don't worry. This is going to be a C-Section. You can't freak me out." Right about then I noticed in the corner of the screen a readout that said Head: 97.8 Percentile. Yup. Big.

He's measuring at about 7 1/2 pounds, but they say that could be plus or minus 1 pound. With 4 weeks left (if we were going to 40 weeks) he could gain another 2 pounds. But he's scheduled to come on Week 39. Paradoxically, the doctor explained to us later that because he's so big, it wouldn't be wise to take him any earlier. Apparently big babies' lungs mature more slowly than small babies. She said she'd be happy to work with me to keep me comfortable (ha ha) enough to make it to week 39.

We got to take a peek at his sweet little face, and lo and behold he has some seriously chubby cheeks! The prints they gave us aren't the greatest but I'll try to get one uploaded soon. Though you'd be wise not to hold your breath on that :)

I have to say, I'm feeling great about our decision to go for the C-Section. I'm not sure I'd be getting much sleep over it the next 3 weeks if I was looking ahead to a standard delivery.

Other than that I will admit I've been feeling a bit rough the past few days. Lots of panting, lots of feeling like my belly might just fall right off, and also lots of painful kicks from the little guy. Roan never kicked me like that. Sometimes she'd stretch in a weird position and stick out really far but I could usually coax her back. He, in contrast, sometimes goes on a tear where he kicks my guts mercilessly. Sometimes I'm doubled over in pain. The doc says there's not much she can do about that.

We are still on the hunt for names for the little guy. Hopefully we can land on one we both love soon.

Here are a few more photos from Roan's snapping tonight. She loves Daddy's bug collection.

She found a willing subject in Sasha

One more of me

And one of her daddy-o

Tomorrow Roan is off from school for the Thanksgiving holiday. We plan to hang out at Jen & Micah's and help with the prep work for our big Thanksgiving dinner. We will be thinking about all the family and friends far away. We love and miss you! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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