Thursday, November 25, 2010

the name game

It's three weeks out, and we still don't have a name for this kiddo. Not for lack of trying. We started trying to land on a name as soon as we found out he's a boy. (We waited till the 20 week ultrasound to cut out 50% of the arguments.)

Arwen was pretty excited to learn that the baby is a boy. Right away he started throwing out name ideas. Here are some examples.


You may not be surprised to learn that none of these thrilled me. In my opinion, Roan's name ideas weren't much worse:


This morning I heard them discussing names for baby brother all snuggled up in bed in the morning sun. It was pretty cute. Names for Baby Brother is one of Roan's favorite topics of conversation. They threw out all sorts of possibilities.

Arwen: "What do you think of Gorilla as a boy's name?"
Roan: "No! That's a monkey! I don't like that name. Monte is my favorite name for Baby Brother."

I think what's made a final decision so hard for us is that while Arwen has a handful of names he really likes, I've had a hard time landing on any names I feel any more than lukewarm about. It's so different than with Roan. There really was just that one name, and we both loved it so much - it was easy. This has been really hard.

Arwen is attracted to names that convey strength. I have to admit, given how hard this baby can kick, strength does seem to be one of his defining characteristics. I just don't want to pigeon-hole him into some cliche of masculinity. I get the feeling this kid will be a mold-breaker, much like his daddy.

I think Arwen would say his top 2 names are currently:
Thoran - a derivative of "Theron", which is a family name on both sides, and it means Great Hunter
Blaize - this was a recent contribution from Mom & Ronnie. Arwen loves it.

At the moment I would have to say my favorite names would be:
Grayson - as in the Grayson Highlands, one very special place we spent time in on the Appalachian Trail, where wild ponies roam. It was quite magical. Whatever we name this kiddo, I'd like to take him and Roan camping there one spring to see the new foals wandering about with their mamas.
Paxton - derived from the Latin word for peace. That's because this little guy has brought me such a sense of well being and contentment throughout this pregnancy (minus the aches and pains). Arwen thinks this name sounds too preppy. As in "Paxton, please pass the bruchetta."

Wish us luck naming this little guy. I really hope we have a name for him by the time we head to the hospital!


Anonymous said...

Orion Taylor Vaughan- from Orion the Hunter and call him Rion. XXXOOO Gpop

Anonymous said...

Kean didn't get his name until the noon whistle in down town Houston blew. I went in at 6am to have inducement.
I wanted Kevin, or Clint - Bob wanted Robert or John or anything common.
As usuall, we didn't agree until the last minute. I was worried that he had picked something I would hate but after delivery we had a little guy named Kean.
Please pick your name soon; at least before you go to deliver.

Love you all ---GGD

Elisa & Adam said...

Oh, you'll figure it out. Maybe after he's born. Whatever his name is he'll be strong and wise. Super excited for you all.