Friday, November 26, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We sure did. This year in particular I feel like I have so much to be thankful for. A wonderful husband who never stops thinking about taking care of our family; a bright and beautiful daughter who brings sunshine to my life; a wonderful home that is a joy to wake up in and will be a place to make lots of lasting memories; a sister and brother-in-law who are an endless support; a nephew who has re-taught me the meaning of happiness; so many friends to share good times and bad with; an amazing family, all be it far-flung; and of course our newest little joy on the way, who I can't wait to meet, and at one time thought I never would. I really do feel like all my dreams have come true.

This year Jen and Micah hosted the big dinner, their first ever. They have such a talent for hosting - if they're not careful this may become a tradition. Jennifer picked an amazing menu with a mix of favorite past recipes and new curiosities. Not one was a dud! Some of my new favorites were the butternut squash bread pudding, the roasted brussel sprouts, and the gingersnap cherry cheesecake - to die for!

Micah's sister Angela joined us, with her two cuties Morgan and Brady.

So did our friend Annemarie and her daughter Gracie

As well as Brian & Monica

...and Gavin, Andye & McKinna. (How did I not get a picture of Andye?)

There was good food...


Baby cuddling...

Smack talking...

and sinful indulgences enjoyed by all. What more could you ask for?

I tried to get a good shot of Roan in her holiday dress. She was so particular about the necklace and bracelet she wanted to wear, the side ponytail she had me fix, the whole look really. And then the little turkey wouldn't let me snap a decent picture.

These were about the best I could do.

Here she is with Morgan telling me, "I said NO PICTURES Mommy!!!"

Oh well. I can tell you, she in particular had a blast. I asked her what her favorite part of the night was and she said "Playing with my friends." I believe it too. Those kids had a ball. Here they are horsing around after getting all sugared up on chocolate pudding, spiced pumpkin cake and gingersnap cherry cheesecake.

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Elisa & Adam said...

Wowee - sure looks like you all had a wonderful turkey day! And.. everyone looks amazing. (especially you - you have a special glow showing how happy you are.) Can't believe the little guy is almost here! Anxiously awaiting! :)