Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow day / Sick day

We woke up to forecasts of 8-16 inches of snow in the Denver metro area, and 12-24 for some suburbs. That was a little hard to believe first thing this morning when there was only a light dusting on the ground, but sure enough by 11 AM the skies unleashed. This is a good day to be working from home.

Which would be great if I could work, but as soon as we got home from dropping Roan off at daycare, something just overcame me - I don't know what. Terrible nausea, tummy troubles and pain in my kidneys. I went to bed and slept for a solid 3 1/2 hours. When I woke up I was suprised to have 103* temperature. What on earth happened between last night and this morning? I just don't get it!

Can't be food poisoning because Arwen and I ate all the same stuff yesterday. I JUST got past the worst part of a cold on Monday. Two days out sick in one week due to completely different ailments is a new record, even in this household.

Just as I was thanking my lucky stars for having Roan in daycare today so I can rest up, they called and asked that parents come pick up now (1:30 PM) if possible. Things are so bad out there that's no trivial undertaking, but it's only supposed to get worse between now and rush hour. Hard to believe temps were in the 50s and 60s a few days ago. Spring is crazy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 quick videos

Last weekend we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Uncle Johnny & Aunt Angie. I have some photos, but haven't been able to post them yet because I'm over my limit at Flickr. So here are 2 quick videos to tide you over.

This is Roan brushing Uncle Johnny's hair. You would never guess by his sweet demeanor with her that he was suffering from a vicious tummy bug.

This one is going to take a little more 'splaining. We came home from GaGa & Aunt Jen's house where 3 out of 4 inhabitants were violently ill with a stomach bug. (And yeah I know, now John and Ang will never come back to Denver because they're 2 for 2 on merciless tummy bugs.) Anyway, when we got home we thought it'd be a good idea to decontaminate Roan. We wanted to get her out of her clothes, but since dressing/ undressing is a point of contention lately, we had to use a little strategery, as our former president would say. I said, "Hey Roan, how would you like to put on your giraffe costume?" "Yay!" was her reply as she instantly attempted to rip her dress off. She spent the remainder of the evening in said costume going about her normal business, which generally consisted of arranging her dollies and putting them to bed. I couldn't help but snap a quick video. I think this will be prime footage 14 or so years from now when that special guy comes a calling.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hut Trip

We survived our first family hut trip! It was a blast. Here are a ton of pictures.

Here we are at Vail Pass packing up and getting ready to hike up to the hut. It was less than 3 miles in, but at about 11K feet elevation and our first time on snowshoes with backpacks. As you can see, Roan was thrilled just to be able to drink "backpack water" as she likes to call it.

Here's a sample of the amazing views we enjoyed on the way up.

And here's a view of all the crap I was hauling up there in addition to my beautiful daughter. Notice Ducky is along for the ride. (He's much lighter than Baby Sarah.)

Here are Arwen, Molly and Audrey enjoying the good weather

What is that doofy look on my face about? I must be in awe of the mountains

Scott & Molly, moments after we first laid eyes on the cabin

The final steps to our destination. Those trees were so huge they were awe inspiring.

This was the actual view from our front porch!!!!

Home sweet home

The kitchen

A houseful of giggling girls

The wood burning stove that kept us warm night and day

Jacqueline, Audrey & Roan playing cards

Saule in her snowsuit

Roan & Arwen standing in a hole of some sort

Zoe, Saule & Matt riding the snow pony

Here's Roan not enjoying the snow. I failed utterly to get her excited about building a snowman or going sledding.

The dudes chillin on the porch

She did, however, enjoy eating the snow. Of course. If it involves eating she's usually for it.

Saule and Matt in a snow "cave"

Here's Roan taking notes from Molly on how to split logs

Roan, Audrey and Scott soaking up some sun

All 5 of the girls: Zoe, Roan, Audrey, Saule and Jacqueline

We had a blast!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feefa's visit and other updates

We were fortunate here recently to enjoy an impromptu visit from Grandma Feefa. Eating is always a popular activity in our household, so we headed over to our new favorite waffle shop, Lakeside Waffles. Daddy enjoyed a cup of coffee. Notice Roan's bed head. As you can tell I pretty much just give up on the weekends.

Here's Feefa watching her waffle being made.

Roan, maybe you should give Feefa a bite?

Finger lickin good

As you can tell, Roan is a fan of "see" food

We headed over to the downtown aquarium. Here are Feefa and Roan catching bubbles.

Posing with Sharky

Playing on the orange octopus

We rounded out our trip to the aquarium with a stop at the bar for some refreshing (virgin) pinia coladas. I had to share mine with Roan and Daddy.

In other news, Roan recently got a new baby doll, whom she loves dearly. She named her "Baby Sarah."

She regularly says things like "Baby Sarah. I love her," and "Baby Sarah. Her so cute!" Baby Sarah likes to sit on her own little baby potty next to Roan's big girl potty. She also wears her jammies without complaint (unlike a certain toddler I know). And she came with her own teenie little stuffed bear named Bitty Bear (which you can barely make out in the photo below).

Here we are last weekend. It was warm and sunny so Roan and I spent the morning in the backyard doing some garden cleanup. Hence the sunhat and sunscreen (which she has in hand). The snowpants she's wearing were a recent thrift store find for our hut trip this coming weekend. When she caught sight of them she insisted on putting them on, even though temperatures were near 70.

Last Sunday we took a trip to the park with Aunt Jen, Daddy and the doggies.
We played on the swings
and slid down the slide.
Lastly, these pictures are from this very morning. She got a package yesterday that had a pair of new hairbows in them. They are little ducks with googly eyes and a pink polka dot hairbow of their own. She loves em!

I have some good videos which hopefully I'll post soon.
This weekend keep your fingers crossed for us. We are going on our first ever hut trip, which involves backpacking in 2-3 miles on snowshoes at elevation to a (deluxe!) cabin with 4 other families. The cabin has electric lights, running hot water, and a kitchen stocked with pots and pans, so we only have to bring clothes, food and sleeping bags. Oh, and diapers, wipes, infant tylenol, Roan's favorite blankie, diaper cream, a changing pad... and a box of wine! Hmm, not exactly ultra light, but we should have some fun!