Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hut Trip

We survived our first family hut trip! It was a blast. Here are a ton of pictures.

Here we are at Vail Pass packing up and getting ready to hike up to the hut. It was less than 3 miles in, but at about 11K feet elevation and our first time on snowshoes with backpacks. As you can see, Roan was thrilled just to be able to drink "backpack water" as she likes to call it.

Here's a sample of the amazing views we enjoyed on the way up.

And here's a view of all the crap I was hauling up there in addition to my beautiful daughter. Notice Ducky is along for the ride. (He's much lighter than Baby Sarah.)

Here are Arwen, Molly and Audrey enjoying the good weather

What is that doofy look on my face about? I must be in awe of the mountains

Scott & Molly, moments after we first laid eyes on the cabin

The final steps to our destination. Those trees were so huge they were awe inspiring.

This was the actual view from our front porch!!!!

Home sweet home

The kitchen

A houseful of giggling girls

The wood burning stove that kept us warm night and day

Jacqueline, Audrey & Roan playing cards

Saule in her snowsuit

Roan & Arwen standing in a hole of some sort

Zoe, Saule & Matt riding the snow pony

Here's Roan not enjoying the snow. I failed utterly to get her excited about building a snowman or going sledding.

The dudes chillin on the porch

She did, however, enjoy eating the snow. Of course. If it involves eating she's usually for it.

Saule and Matt in a snow "cave"

Here's Roan taking notes from Molly on how to split logs

Roan, Audrey and Scott soaking up some sun

All 5 of the girls: Zoe, Roan, Audrey, Saule and Jacqueline

We had a blast!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome trip! Those views are breathtaking. The girls were adorable. - Mom/Lolli

Elisa & Adam said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Views were beautiful. I'm glad to know that Adam and I can still do hut trips w/ the little guy! (although it looks like we'll be carrying lots of other STUFF!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Roan & her BFFs look like they really know how to have fun. Just another thing learned from truly great parents (who else would lug all that stuff). Love, GGD