Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 quick videos

Last weekend we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Uncle Johnny & Aunt Angie. I have some photos, but haven't been able to post them yet because I'm over my limit at Flickr. So here are 2 quick videos to tide you over.

This is Roan brushing Uncle Johnny's hair. You would never guess by his sweet demeanor with her that he was suffering from a vicious tummy bug.

This one is going to take a little more 'splaining. We came home from GaGa & Aunt Jen's house where 3 out of 4 inhabitants were violently ill with a stomach bug. (And yeah I know, now John and Ang will never come back to Denver because they're 2 for 2 on merciless tummy bugs.) Anyway, when we got home we thought it'd be a good idea to decontaminate Roan. We wanted to get her out of her clothes, but since dressing/ undressing is a point of contention lately, we had to use a little strategery, as our former president would say. I said, "Hey Roan, how would you like to put on your giraffe costume?" "Yay!" was her reply as she instantly attempted to rip her dress off. She spent the remainder of the evening in said costume going about her normal business, which generally consisted of arranging her dollies and putting them to bed. I couldn't help but snap a quick video. I think this will be prime footage 14 or so years from now when that special guy comes a calling.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Love those videos. Lolli

Elisa & Adam said...

Adorable. Hey.. whatever you can do to get her out of her dress, right?! Funny!