Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oh baby

I promised a baby update, and here it is. Tomorrow makes 17 weeks! Just 3 more to go before we find out what we're having. Yay!

Here are a few photos I thought you might enjoy. Here is me at 13 weeks with Baby #2. I looked much smaller in the picture than I felt at the time.

Compare that with Week 13 when I was pregnant with Roan. Not a huge difference it seems.

Here is me last week, at Week 16. What the heck happened in 3 weeks? Must have been all that good food in Texas. And what is going on with my hair? Lordy.

Compare that with Week 16 with Roan and the difference is noticeable.

The joke around our house that I like to make is "I think this thing is getting smaller honey. Yep, I'm getting skinny!"

It seems to be true, what people have told me about having baby #2. That things sort of slide a little more than they did with the first one. I'm a little less organized, less consistent. Here we are nearly halfway through this pregnancy and I still don't have my act together yet on taking photos. Not only are they sporadic, but I'm not even facing the same direction in all of them. And ya know, I'm ok with things being a little more helter skelter this time around. I may not be checking off all my to do's methodically, but I do feel like I'm cruising through this pregnancy with more of a sense of ease and less anxiety than last time. I'm not keeping a food diary this time around. I try to eat healthy but I don't give myself too much grief if I really need some emergency chocolate. I just try to focus on the basics - staying hydrated, taking my multivitamin, and getting regular low impact exercise.

And I just feel really happy. Really fortunate. Every day when Roan tells me "I love Mommy. I love Daddy. And I love baby!" I know we are so lucky to have each other.

Now for some photos of the baby. Here he/she is at 8 weeks. Not much to see.

And then here he/she is at 12 weeks. We got a first trimester screening done (detects Down's, Trisomy 18 and neural tube defects. I'm happy to report we got a clean bill of health! And we got these photos of the baby to boot. It's starting to look like a person...

This one is from what they call a 4D scan. It's 3D in motion. It is really weird looking to me. Sort of looks like the baby is encased in silly putty.
Last thing- Not sure if you noticed but I added a new Poll in the upper right. Cast your vote for what we're having. Our 20 week ultrasound is set for August 5th, so just a few weeks to find out if you were right!

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