Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 17

Here's this week's belly photo.

And this is how things looked like last time around at week 17, with Roan.

No takers so far on the poll guessing the baby's sex. Come on you guys! I know everyone has an opinion on this subject.

I'm feeling good this week. I have a little more energy. My belly button has gone outie on me (can't believe it!) and I did have to invoke the Fortress of Pillows last night to get comfortable sleeping, though. When Arwen came to bed he was concerned. "Are you ok? Is the baby ok? What's up with all the pillows?" "Just getting comfy honey. No worries." He's such a concerned daddy-husband.

So we kind of had a big turn of events yesterday. We got a phone call from a realtor informing us that the contract from the winning bid on that house we wanted fell through. Seems that by the time the bank came back with an acceptance of the terms (in a record short 30 days), the seller had already found something else they liked better: a condo. So strange. This house is the antithesis of a condo. And they wanted it so much they put that escalation clause in? And then just walk away as soon as it's within grasp. I don't get it.

So we immediately signed a new contract an got it in. The seller's realtor turned it into the bank yesterday afternoon and is expecting to hear back within a week, since our contract has identical terms to the one that was already accepted. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

It is a really special house, and it seems just MADE for us. There are certain impracticalities about it that are not for everyone: it only has one bathroom and it will be a challenge to baby-proof. But it has great light, is highly energy efficient, and the interior is engaged with its wonderful outside spaces. It's perfect for solar panels. The master bedroom has enough space for a crib and changing table for those first few weeks. The kitchen is well suited to having little helpers around. It's painted funky colors that we love. It has incredible gardens with xeriscape plants, veggie beds and fruit trees. It has a wonderful patio just made for relaxing and entertaining. And a hot tub!!! It seems filled with joy and love of life.

It's far from a sure thing at this point. First we have to get the contract signed by the bank. Then come the inspections. We know it needs a new roof and has had at least one leak. And who knows what else will come up. If we get past that point the next challenge will be getting everything lined up for closing by the end of August. If we don't make that deadline, then the seller goes into foreclosure. So we're excited and hopeful, but we know we have a long way to go still.


Joy N. Hensley said...

I love the house! Definitely need to add another bathroom, but it's fantastic!

Oh, and you're having a boy, duh!

Leah said...

Beautiful house. You'll make it a home. Hope there's a good garage for Arwen's hobbies. The light is fantastic. I can't imagine going back to just one bathroom! but i'm sure you'll manage. Love & Kisses - mom/lolli

Megan said...

That house is so funky! It is so 'you' guys! Fingers crossed all goes well. Hope you are all well! Love, Nuffy

Elisa & Adam said...

Wowee! Loads of news from the Vaughan family. Super excited for you guys. I know how excited you were about this house. It's very spacious and very YOU - beautiful! Can't wait to catch up in person. Heather - you look amazing. Miss you guys.