Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday (again)

Wow, we have been having far too much fun lately. We had an awesome time this past weekend with Lolli & G-Pop in town. We started the visit off right, with a yummy breakfast, a trip to the park, and spa manicures and pedicures for Mom and me. What a treat! I thought I was never going to get my hands any softer than sandpaper, thanks to the dry Denver climate. But they melted under the parafin treatment.

Their first full day in town, they kept Roan out of daycare for some fun at the Aquarium.

Then on Friday Jen took the day off and I took a half day for some girls' spa time. We got massages, facials, and a hot foot bath. It was incredible! I felt like a million bucks! And it was nice to take time to relax like that right before getting ready for Roan's big party.

On Saturday we threw Roan an Easter-themed birthday party, complete with an egg hunt and bunny cupcakes. It was a blast. The kids were excited just to find the eggs; when they realized there were prizes inside they were beside themselves! And we were lucky enough to have good weather. The forecast had been threatening rain all week, but luckily the crummy weather held off until Sunday. Thanks to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us! You really made it a great day.

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot of anything. We were pretty tuckered out from all the excitement, and with the cruddy weather it made for good staying home weather. Except we did manage to venture out to the Cherry Cricket for their nationally recognized hamburgers. It was our first time eating there, but my prediction is that it won't be our last!

In other news, you may've noticed the blog has changed its look a little bit. I'm trying out some new things. One new feature is the "fans" section on the left (scroll down). You can click and add yourself if you like. I thought it'd be fun to see some familiar faces. Another feature is the photo slideshow which hopefully will take you to see our photos on Flickr. You may also notice the old black & white photos of Roan are gone. That was actually an accident. In their place I have a more recent one. I also managed to lose my "what I'm knitting" section. Hopefully I'll get a chance to add that back, since I have a few new things to show off. If you have any suggestions for other things you'd like to see, post your ideas by adding a comment!

If it weren't 11 o'clock at night, and if I hadn't gotten up at 5:30 this morning, then maybe I'd have a chance at faithfully recounting the adorable things Roan said tonight. When she's in the mood to communicate, it is truly like having a conversation. She surprises us all the time with words and concepts we didn't even know she knew. One thing I can remember is the sight of her devouring a carton of blackberries this evening, and sharing them with her (always ravenous) Daddy. "Want a big one?" she'd ask and then shove it in his mouth. She even gave him her very last berry. Arwen remarked to me sheepishly, "Okay, let's have another one..."

And I think she's having another growth spurt. She's been a bottomless pit lately - eating so much as to make us late for school and bed. I noticed tonight in the bath that her little tummy is especially round, and she is suddenly heavier when I go to pick her up.

Ok, it's past my bedtime, goodnight!


Elisa & Adam said...

We had so much fun at Roan's birthday party! Thanks so much for having us. Happy Birthday, Roan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all of the Birthday Pictures. Our little Roan is growing sooo much and is becoming quite a beautiful big girl. Love to all from Gramps and K