Friday, April 24, 2009

Enter Spring

We've been having a lot of fun lately. Denver has been enjoying some beautiful spring weather. Day after day blue skies, lots of sunshine, the smell of cut grass and flowers in the air. All of a sudden I want to be outside ALL OF THE TIME. The lure of the outdoors is relentless. Weather so beautiful it almost hurts. After the cold temperatures and intermittent snows of winter, which really haven't been all that bad truth be told, I had forgotten how incredible spring is. Living in the woods for six months on the Appalachian trail taught me what an impact the weather can have on your mood. I feel like I'm mainlining happiness right now.

This weekend is Jen's birthday, and our plans are still a bit up in the air. Hopefully it'll all come together. Last weekend we were supposed to have date night on Friday, but the daycare had to cancel on account of the foot of snow we got! So at the last minute we invited all our date night buddies to come over to our house for beer, pizza and wii. It was a good time. Arwen cranked up the Van Halen at one point and even the littlest ones were rocking out.

Claire and Roan

Audrey & Ethan

Here is a priceless video of Jen and Molly playing wii boxing. Little did we know, Molly is a ringer! She kicked much butt. I had fancied myself as a pretty decent wii boxer, but she immediately put me in my place. 3 games in a rown, I couldn't make it out of the first round before she knocked me out!

After the snow on Friday it rained pretty much all day Saturday. This gave Jen and me a chance to get caught up on some sewing projects. We did a couple sets of curtains, and I also added some embellishments to a little poncho I had picked up for Roan for $1 at the thrift store. It had a stain on it I was unable to wash out, so instead I covered it up with some flare. Girlfriend needed a pink guitar!

Roan in her poncho (decorated with stickers), walking Sasha

All the snow melted off by Sunday, which was nice because Molly and I were able to go for a long (6 mile) run. We've been running a lot this week. With running club on Tuesday night, then again on Wednesday around Wash Park. Saturday if it's not too rainy I think we'll do another long run with the club, and Sunday Arwen says he plans to run a 10K race with Scott and Doug. Next weekend we're supposed to do a sprint triathlon (2 mile run, 20 K bike and .6 mile swim). That should be interesting, given that I don't currently own a bike and haven't been in a pool in about a year!

We've been having some fun outside and around the house as you can see in this assortment of videos.

Before I sign off I wanted to shout out a quick note of thanks to several great grandmas (you know who you are!) who sent Easter/birthday packages. Roan LOVES the pencils and notebook, barettes and bunnies, clothes and puppets. Thank you! We have been meaning to call you to tell you so - hopefully that will happen soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you made our Friday nite special. We LOVED the videos. Now I want to box. And that child is a hoot! Love & kisses, Mama & Stephen aka Lolli & GPop.