Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Jen

We had a good time this weekend. It was Jen's birthday on Sunday so we did a lot of hanging out together. Although nothing quite seemed to go as planned. Friday night was supposed to be game night, but by the time Roan went down to bed we were all too pooped to play anything, so we watched a couple episodes of The Office instead. Then Saturday day kind of got hijacked by our friends Jay and Clover, who just had a little baby boy. (Although we did manage to squeeze in some shopping, chocolate, and margaritas in Jen's honor!) We all jumped at the chance to meet Asher. He is so precious!

Saturday night we arranged to have our babysitter Tina come over and keep an eye on Roan. We went to our neighborhood bowling alley and then out to hear live music afterwards. We had a good time, even though several folks were unable to make it. The band dedicated a couple of songs to Jen in honor of her birthday, she got in some dances with her handsome hubby, and we enjoyed gourmet cupcakes from a fabulous local bakery. It was a far cry from the raging party at Jen's last year, however, which left several folks (myself included) in pretty rough shape the next day. (Side note: When we got home our sitter mentioned in passing that she had just recovered from THE FLU the day before and how her cousins were joking with her that it was probably the Mexican swine flu. Ha ha ha. Hilarious. Needless to say since then we've been hanging on Roan's every sniffle and cough for signs of something dire...)

Sunday was Jen's actual birthday. Arwen celebrated by running the Cherry Creek Sneak, a 5 mile race. That was his longest run ever, go Arwen! And he finished up in time to meet up with the rest of our gang at Snooze, a breakfast favorite. We had already toasted with a couple of mmmimosas. Roan got all dressed up for the occasion. She was wearing an adorable dress she got last year for her first birthday (thanks Aunt Maxie & Aunt Susie!). She insisted on wearing the matching hat, her sunglasses (which have little skulls and crossbones on them - very chic), her silver heart necklace from Aunt Jen, and pink socks with her white patent leather dress shoes. When it comes to fashion, she is certainly her own girl. I'm pretty sure she gets it from her Aunt Jen. Here they are reading Roan's birthday card to Jen.

Roan has kept us all smiling lately. Nothing new there I guess. She speaks so well now, I've particularly been enjoying the few words she still says in toddler speak. For example, she will tell you all about how she saw a "scoober man" at the Aquarium with Lolli & G-Pop. On the way home from daycare last night she let out this huge belch. Arwen and I tried valiantly to supress our laughter while reminding her of her manners. She declared, "I gurped Daddy! 'Scuse me."

Last night when we got home she had a complete meltdown on the kitchen floor, out of nowhere. It's pretty typical for the first half hour after we get home in the evenings. It doesn't phase us anymore. I just step around her, cooking dinner, periodically making (rebuffed) offers of hugs or milk or snacks. And then as suddenly as it hit, it's gone and she's back to her delightful self. We had fun making sushi rolls and horsing around with Daddy and in the bath. She was such a gem I let the bedtime routine stretch out longer than I probably should. I figure you gotta soak up those precious moments when you can.

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