Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeling better

It was a long dark week, but finally we seem to have a break in the clouds. After having a fever for the past 5 days she woke up with a temperature of 98*. Thank goodness! Had her fever not broken it would've meant a trip back to the doctor.

She was feeling pretty rotten all weekend. She ran us ragged fetching her juice, popcicles and honey water (a homemade concoction to soothe her throat), but she was so sweet about it we didn't mind a bit. Well, except for Saturday night. Shortly after we put her to bed she started a coughing fit. I took her some honey water and tried to soothe her, but she was coughing so intensely she could hardly catch her breath. Next thing I know she coughs so hard she pukes a little on her jammies. No big deal. New jammies, new blanket, some pats on the back and sips of water and finally the hacking receded enough for her to lay back to sleep. But then about 15 minutes later she started up again. Arwen went in this time. Next thing I know I hear, "Honey? Help!" She had coughed herself to the point of puking again, but this time she'd really gone for it. She had blown chunks all the way down Arwen's back - nuked his shirt, his jeans, even his socks. I found myself thinking, Dang! There go all those spagettios she slurped down at dinner. I had been so pleased she'd finally eaten a decent amount. This parenting thing, I tell ya. One minute you're up and the next you're down.

This morning I didn't know what to expect. She had been up a fair amount in the night. I snuck in and took her temperature while she was still sleeping, and thank goodness it had returned to normal. But she's still acting under the weather. When I tried to get her up and dressed she went along with a glazed over look on her face at first, but finally she protested. "No! I too tired! I sooo tired Mama." That was a new one for us. So I relented and let her go back to bed for a while. Eventually she got up, took her medicine and got ready to go to daycare.

You can see she's dressed today for a return to normal life. Well, except that those are PJs under her skirt and jacket there. What can I say, compromise is the cornerstone of happiness with a toddler. She's wearing the Hello Kitty backpack and barettes she got for Valentine's Day, and carrying a lunchbox filled with all sorts of dreadfully healthy things. And goldfish. Again, compromise.


Anonymous said...

OMG - ROTFLMAO - She certainly has an ecclectic look. I love it. Glad she's on the mend! Lolli

Anonymous said...

How sweet it is--seeing her feling better. Thanks for the up date. love gg

Anonymous said...

Looks like she has discovered the ever present game of toddlers "How Far Can I Hurl Chunks?" Ahhh, what memories. love, gg