Friday, February 20, 2009

home sick

Roan has been home sick since Wednesday, and so have I consequently. She's had a fever and a cough. We talked to the nurse early on and she advised us to just wait it out with the normal home treatments - honey, warm drinks, the humidifier, etc. But this morning after when her fever jumped to 103.5* they had me go ahead and bring her in. Turns out she has an infection in both ears, so she's getting her first ever course of antibiotics. Which is amazing considering how often she's been sick!

So the last 3 days she's pretty much been camped out on the couch watching Sesame Street and eating popcicles. We did manage to do some artwork together yesterday, and right now she's working in her Elmo sticker book. But I haven't gotten a lick of work done and she's hardly had much to eat or drink. Popcicles are usually my failproof insurance against dehydration, but yesterday she was even complaining that popcicles were "too cold"!

I have to give her credit though. She hasn't complained much, and she must be feeling pretty miserable with such a high temp. Even with a bad earache she never uttered a protest at the repeated use of the ear thermometer. Yesterday when she was looking particularly terrible I asked, "How you feeling bug?" and she replied in a small scratchy voice, "Feeling good." Either she doesn't quite know what "feeling good" means, or she has extremely low standards. This morning when I told her we were going to go to the doctor for a checkup she said, "Wanna stay home and play." "But you have a fever and the doctor needs to see if you're healthy," I explained. "Feeling much better" she insisted.

Eventually I got her psyched to see Dr. Bacon by reminding her that after the checkup the doctor would probably give her a lollipop. She did a great job for the doctor, sitting very still, being quiet, and opening her mouth extra wide when asked. And although she was thrilled to receive the promised lollipop, she didn't even have the heart to finish it, poor thing.

Last night I tried a new cupcake recipe in an effort to entice her to eat, but after a few licks of the frosting she turned that down too. Can't say I blame her. The yellow squash in the cake batter and the beets in the raspberry filling did not make for a very tasty cupcake!

I just hope the antibiotics go to work quickly and get her back to something more resembling normal. The last few nights have been rough ones. We finally had to resort to camping out in her room last night to get a little sleep. As tough as it is caring for a sick kiddo, and as much as I hate to see her in discomfort, the slower pace of the last few days and all the time we've spent cuddled up together has been a silver lining.


Anonymous said...

What a pitifully sad group on the sofa! But she'll be running circles around you in no time and you'll still be recovering from lack of sleep! What a trooper that doll can be. Love & kisses - Lolli/MOM :)

Anonymous said...

I hope that the next blog is showing a jumping up and down little one (even though I imagine Mama will be dragging). It is great that she can speak up and tell you how she feels, even if it is stretched a bit to avoid the better).

Love to you all.