Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank God for Elmo

Lately no one in this house it seems can drag their sorry butts out of bed in the morning. Arwen and I should be up and at 'em by 6 or 6:30, but instead we've been snoozing till 7:45. Same with Roan. Every morning instead of waking up to her adorable chatter, she snoozes long past us. I throw open her curtains and change her out of her wet diaper before she's even fully conscious. As she comes to she complains groggily, "Too tired Mama... Want the lights off... Naptime..." I know what the problem has been for me and Arwen: an ongoing Battlestar Galactica marathon. We've been staying up late getting through all 6 discs of season 3 each night. But I don't know what Roan's problem is.

On top of that we've had some mysterious toddler dressing logic to contend with. Roan never wants to change into her jammies at bedtime, and then (assuming I got her into her jammies) doesn't want to change out of them in the morning. TWICE this week I've sent her off to daycare with a skirt over her pj's in a pathetic ruse of normalcy.

So this morning when she first protested at being unceremoniously awakened from her slumber and then pitched a fit on top of that at the idea of getting dressed, I was desperate for some trick up my sleeve to get us through the morning. I checked the weather on my iPhone and it said - much to my surprise - to expect a high of 81* today. 81? I thought. Geez, this global warming thing is getting out of hand! And then I remembered the new Elmo outfit that has been waiting patiently in her closet for warmer weather. Bingo!

And of course it did the trick. She was so excited about her new Elmo outfit she practically jumped out of bed and into her clothes. I was feeling pretty smug.

When you begin to feel smug as a parent, that's when it's time to wait for the other shoe to drop. Just know the universe is virtually guaranteed to take you down a peg or two.

Peg #1: After dropping her off at daycare (and proclaiming to everyone there Hey it's going to hit 81 today!) I get into the car, check my iPhone again and realize that was the weather for Houston. Genius. Not only am I an idiot but my poor child is going to freeze her bum off in those adorable petal pushers.

Peg #2: Just try getting that damn Elmo outfit off of her. You thought it was tough getting her into jammies before, FORGET IT! Even after she had a rather unfortunate poopy accident in the Elmo pants tonight she still wanted to wear them. Which of course we did not allow. Which of course resulted in a 20 minute temper tantrum more evocative of heartfelt devestation that bratty willfullness. And the poor sad dear would rather go to bed bare legged in the cold Denver night than put on replacement poop-free jammie bottoms.

Peg #3: She's still got the Elmo shirt on, so I already know what my morning is going to look like tomorrow.

Oh well. Good thing she's cute!

And she likes to eat her veggies. How many mothers of toddlers can say that?


Anonymous said...

Those of us who have been mothers can forgive dressing our DGD (darling great granddaughter) for Houston weather when she is living in Denver, but will she ever forgive you for putting squash AND beets in her cupcakes. What a novel idea. Dave won't eat vegetables so maybe I should try it. Your e-mails, photos and videos mean so much to us all. Love GGCarolyn

Heather Marie said...

Thanks Grandma! We love and miss you!!