Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tutu cute

Here are some pics of Roan in her new fairy outfit, and also some of us just hanging around the house.

"Yeah I can grant you that wish, but what are you going to do for me?"

Abra cadabra! I'm adorable!

Sorting rubber bands with Daddy. Notice she's still wearing the wings.

No, I don't want my picture taken!

I love my blue bathrobe

And then here are a couple of videos too. Here is Roan (mis)identifying the animals on the blanket I cross stitched for her eons ago.

Here is a very brief video of her in the tutu getup. For whatever reason, she kept wanting to sit in my lap that morning instead of being on camera. Very out of character!

And here she is the other night at tooth brushing time. For some wacky reason she wanted to wear her snowboots with her pajamas. Notice at the end of the video she keeps saying a word I can't figure out. It turns out it was "caballo," which is apparrently the Spanish word for "horse." I think she was trying to say that she was wearing cowboy boots, but I wasn't clever enough to catch on.

So let's see, what is new... Well we are weighing whether it is wiser to try and make use of the downturn in the economy by making some savvy investments, or to bury what little savings we have in the backyard. We are also weighing the similarly confounding decision of whether or not to expand our family.

Here are the arguments for:
1. Roan is so cute/ smart/ wonderful we have a responsibility to the betterment of human civilization to reproduce again
2. We aren't exactly spring chickens anymore, so if we ever want to have more kids we better get it in gear
3. Roan would be an excellent big sister
4. More than 1 means they can entertain each other
5. Without a sibling, Roan will have to make all the decisions about what nursing home to put us in all on her own.

Here are the arguments against:
1. Roan is so cute/ smart/ wonderful we could not possibly get that lucky a second time around and would therefore be tempting fate.
2. Between the bomb scare and the emergency C-section, it's hard to get excited about facing labor & delivery again
3. Two kids = ten times the mess/ noise/ insanity
4. The residual pregnancy hormones have only recently worn off, and I just recently started being nice to Arwen again
5. What were the other arguments against? I know there were more...

So who knows. We will have to weigh the benefits, crunch the numbers, and see where all this shakes out.

Also I don't know if I've mentioned lately, but I am so very grateful to be blessed to be Roan's mom. She is an amazing human being. When I think that I will get to see her grow and change through so many stages of life, it makes me really happy. I do get a little sad sometimes when I see a teeny tiny baby and know she'll never be that small or helpless again. But then I try to remind myself of the sleeplessness and the crying. And then I think am I really considering going through that again?!?!

But back to Roan. Back before I had kids, probably even when I was a little girl playing with my dolls, I would think to myself, "When I grow up I'm going to have a daughter and she will be just like me in this way and that way, and we will see eye to eye, and we will get along great and it will be so fun." And then as I got older and became aware of my shortcomings, I would think to myself, "If I have a daughter I hope she's not like me at all in this way and that way."

I don't know if the universe was taking my order or what, but I just feel the most incredible closeness to Roan in all the ways we seem similar - she is compassionate and kind, so loving and sweet, a total bookworm - and at the same time so relieved to see the ways she is different from me. She's not shy and afraid, she is outgoing, confident, an explorer. How did I get so lucky?

Well I'd love to keep waxing philosophical here, but the little dear has just awoken from her nap, so off I go...


Leah said...

Awwwww - I love reading how you gush over your darling child. Couldn't agree more. And on another note- your family is perfect just the way it is now so follow your heart. I know how special it has been for you to have your sister so a sibling for Roan could be such a blessing. Put the list aside and go with your gut instinct - it has served you well. Love & kisses - Mom/Lolli.

Leah said...

PS - thanks for the tutu photos! :)

Elisa & Adam said...

That was so sweet! No matter what you both decide, it will be the right decision. You both are such wonderful parents and you'll know when it's the right time. Those photos of Roan are adorable! Love the videos.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I vote for the addition, so keep on being nice to Arwen. 2 means twice as nice. Well it's easy for me to say since I am here and you are there, isn't it?
Loved the snaps and videos. Keeps me going.

Love, gg