Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photos, phinally

Well I'm not sure how it happened but nearly the entire month of January has zipped by in a flash. Things here are good. We've been having a lot of fun, working hard, you know, the usual stuff. Roan is growing and saying and doing new things all the time. Here are some photos from this month.

This is at an indoor playground some friends recently turned us on to. Really comes in handy when it's too cold for the playground. The animals are all made of a squishy foam, in shapes that are fun to climb up and slide down.

Here's a smattering of photos from our recent company trip to Winter Park. Here's Roan with Lindsay, who is now due in July.

Two adorable snowbunnies

Posing with her snow lady Penelope

Here's Roan proving that there's nothing more fun than shoes that are too big for you and an empty laundry basket

And here is our homemade kitchen hutch that Arwen and I made for Roan. This was a fun project. I came up with a design that was "so easy" it was supposed to be my first attempt at a woodworking project. I did learn how to operate the table saw, but thankfully Arwen had mercy on me and took over the actual assembly. I sanded and painted it with a kid-friendly non-toxic paint. It gives a place to stow all the toy pots and pans she got for Christmas, as well as a spot to hang her broom, dustpan and apron, which were all previously littered about my kitchen. I wish I could say that she actually loves to play with it. Hopefully it'll grow on her!

This is from the snow we got on Monday. It came down heavy most of the day and left us with 3-5 inches.

Now here come some videos. This one is from back at Christmas - Roan singing Jingle Bells.

Roan playing with her beanie buddies Carmen (the kitten) and Marshall (the puppy). She named them herself.

Dr. Roan gives Daddy a checkup

Roan and me sledding down the luge at Winter Park

Roan & Daddy playing floor games
I have gotten multiple requests to post a photo of Roan in the tutu, wings and magic wand she got for Christmas from Great Grandma Gamber. Let me assure you, said photo will be posted promptly as soon as I manage to snap it. Getting Roan to do anything on my schedule is a rare feat these days, and getting photographic evidence of it is even tougher.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You. It is so wonderful to see our little darling "in action" and having fun. Did I say she is so precious? Smart? Adorable? Love to all From Gramps and K

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love & kisses - Momma (Leah)