Sunday, February 08, 2009

Funny things she's said lately

I forgot to tell you about the Goo Goo Goggles. Roan got some Dr. Seuss books for Christmas, which she loves. Her favorite is Dr. Seuss's ABC's (followed closely by The Cat in the Hat). For those of you who haven't read it lately, the general format of the book is to go through each letter of the alphabet enumerating a list of silly things that start with it. The most controversial of these is the letter G: The book goes "G, g, G, goat, girl goo goo goggles, G, g, G." The goo goo goggles are just a big pair of nerdy looking glasses on a funny characters face, but somehow Roan finds something sinister in them. "Goo goo goggles scare me!" she often says. She will talk about the goo goo goggles even when we're not reading the book. They seem to be a window into the philisophical musings of her soul. Anxiety: "Goo goo gogggles hurt me?" Confidence: "Goo goo goggles no hurt me." Assertiveness: "Go away goo goo goggles!"

Another book she loves to read is Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. It's about a little boy named Peter who enjoys a snowy day in New York. At one point in the story Peter packs a snowball and puts it in his pocket before going into his house. Later that night he's crushed to discover the snowball is gone. The other night she got really upset when it was time to leave the neighborhood Valentine's Day party. She cried for a while on the way home but by the time we got to the house she had calmed down. Reflecting on her previous frustration, she said "Roan sad. Like Peter. Snowy day. Peter sad. Him snowball go bye bye. Roan sad too." I never expected a child under two to draw upon literary allusion to express her feelings. Which is so totally what she was doing.

Arwen was impressed the other day when, in response to the way she wolfed down three bowls of mac n cheese and two bowls of yogurt, he remarked "Wow Roan, you have a big appetite." I quizzed her, "What does appetite mean Roan?" She replied, "Means you're hungry."

And then that night when we were reading Cat in the Hat, when we got to the part where the cat is precariously balanced on a ball while holding a goldfish, a cake, a toy boat and a bunch of other things, and he suddenly falls down. The fish yells at The Cat and he looks rather dejected. Roan observed, "Cat sad. Him make a bad choice." Woo hoo! I thought to myself. She is already thinking about cause and effect.

It's just fun to see how her wheels are turning and watch that little personality continue to blossom.

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Anonymous said...

Awww - she loves her Daddy. I love that smile! And I love hearing of her progress. She so smart and cute. Guess who this is from (he he) - GLolli

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Dr. Seus left out the REAL what GG stands for.
love, GG

CBT said...

She is so pretty and beautiful too! What a sweetheart. You guys are so lucky to have such a smart and gorgeous little girl!

Elisa & Adam said...

She's too cute!