Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Updates galore

Ok, I have put aside some time tonight to get this blog up to date for pete's sake.

Let's see, the last time I had a chance to post a bonafide update was way back when Lolli & Pop were visiting. Here are some pics from the 2nd half of their trip, particularly from our visit to Cheyenne Mountain Museum which has to be one of the most gorgeous museums around:

Cheyenne Mountain isn't as big as the Denver zoo, but they place an emphasis on highly interactive exhibits, for example where visitors can feed the giraffes or pet the baby wallabies. Roan is *still* talking about the crackers she fed those giraffes!

The other thing Cheyenne Mountain has in spades is incredible scenery. It's basically on the side of Pike's Peak, so you wander up the mountain to see the exhibits and marvel at the views.

They even have a gondola ride so you can get a good look around. It was Mom's first time on a ski lift (Stephen's too?) and she was like a little kid, she was so thrilled.

This is after feeding the giraffes.

This is at the koi pond

And here is my little wall flower on the carosel. I tell you what, you'd never guess her mama spent her whole life trying to overcome pathological shyness.

While they were here we managed to squeeze in a few good meals. Here we are out to breakfast with the whole family, including GaGa and Jen. Somehow that morning I managed to wrestle a ponytail holder into her hair. I think I deserve a merit badge for that!

But it pales in comparison with the magic Aunt Jen was able to do for Crazy Hair Day at Roan's daycare. Not only did she get pigtails in, she even managed to dye the tips black with some temporary hair dye mousse. Impressive!

Another photo on Crazy Hair Day. Pay no attention to the grass we're intentionally trying to kill in the background there...

More updates to follow... stay tuned for updates from The Visit from Gramps!

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