Tuesday, September 09, 2008

so behind...

It seems I'm always "so behind." So behind on the blog, so behind at work, so behind on the housekeeping... If "so behind" has become a constant state of being for me, then perhaps I should just accept I am simply where I am.

Ah, I feel better already.

In any case there is so much I have been wanting to blog about for weeks: our trip to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to feed the giraffes (which Roan is still talking about in her own shorthand way: "raff... cracker!"), our visit with Gramps (or Bramps in Roanspeak), and all the shenanigans Little Miss has been up to lately, including saying "No!" to everything under the sun.

But for tonight I'm going to keep it short and just share with you one precious video from this afternoon. We had a couple of Roan's (and my) friends over this afternoon for an impromptu playdate. They hung around the water table soaking themselves, they ate themselves silly on our homegrown grapes and a friend's peaches till their faces and shirts were running with goo, and they played in Roan's playhouse. Here are Roan and Scarlett playing house. So sweet.

It's those moments that keep me going through the temper tantrums and the Epic Battles over diaper changing and getting dressed in the morning.

One more quick photo - this is of the cooler full of grapes we harvested off our back vine. They taste like grape hubba bubba bubble gum!

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Anonymous said...

1. I am jealous about the grapes.
2. That was so cute to hear Daddy coaching Roan in the background to say "Daddy". Loved to hear each word she uttered. So cute! love ggd