Friday, August 22, 2008

A few photos

It's been far too long since the last time I posted photos. Roan has been cute as a button lately. This photo is after a recent trip to Target where we bought her a new bike helmet for the hand-me-down bike trailer a friend gave us. While there we invested $2 in the ball you see her holding. And you can tell by the look on her face it was money well spent. She thought Christmas had come early!

Here are some photos from the current visit with Lolli & G-Pop (known as Pop or PopPop by Roan). We did a burger cookout in the backyard one lovely evening. Summer is winding down in Denver and I for one am sad to see it go. We no doubt have a long stretch of beautiful, if slightly cooler weather ahead of us, but now that Arwen got a whole house fan installed I'm finally enjoying tank top weather.

While Lolli & Pop were here we took a day trip to Boulder. We went for a nature walk with incredible views, had lunch at the tea house, and spent the afternoon with Andye and McKenna, now 11 months. Here we are dipping our toes in the creek that runs through town.

Here is Jen with Andye and McKenna. It was such a picture perfect day!

Here are Lolli & Pop at a gorgeous overlook on our nature walk.

Roan is apparrently a budding geologist. She is fairly obsessed with rocks. We could hardly persuade her to toddle down the trail there in Boulder. She just wanted to pick up every rock she saw or rub gravel all over her clothes and hair. Here she is taking a rest on one of her beloved rocks with Aunt Jen.

And here's our big girl going on our walk with Pop and Aunt Jen. She likes to say "hands, hands" to let you know she wants you to take her hand. Often this leads to her going completely rubber legged in the hopes that you'll swing her by the wrists.

We had to say goodbye to Pop and Lolli today. It was a really nice visit filled with all kinds of fun stuff. Which is nice because the last couple of times they've come to visit we've been so exhauseted/ overwhelmed/ overworked that we hardly left the house or the neighborhood. This time was so much fun it's going to get a follow up post with the other half of the pictures. In the meanwhile you can enjoy this video of Roan with her ball (and no, I don't make a habit of putting a helmet on her just to play outside!).


lisa said...

I love the photo in green-and hey, I miss you guys! What are you doing Monday?

Anonymous said...

The pic with Aunt Jen & Roan seems to say, "Yeah, we're pals and just like to hang" Cutie pies.