Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Gramps Came to Town

Gramps' visit was fun filled and busy at the same time. We squeezed in a ton of quality time together while also getting Jen & Micah's bathroom remodel project off the ground.

Here we are one fun filled afternoon at the park. Well, we had our ups and downs getting there actually - including car trouble for Jen & Micah (nothing that a couple gallons of water couldn't fix.) But it was a gorgeous late summer afternoon, and they had these fun little bike-mobiles we could ride around the park.

Roan was pretty excited about riding the "big bike." And also about seeing geese. She can actually tell the difference between ducks and geese, and she knows which ones quack and which ones honk. I'm not actually sure who taught her that to be perfectly honest!

Here are Uncle Micah and Aunt Jen lookin foxy and cool as always.

Roan knows who Dad is, but can't quite say his name right. She calls him "Bwamps." We even worked with her on the g-sound a bit. The best we could get her to say was "G-g-g-g-Bwamps!" She really put a lot of effort into it; it was so cute. She also says "bwapes" instead of "grapes." "Roan's bwapes" and "my bwapes" and "bwapes pwease" are phrases we hear frequently around here.

Roan at the helm, as she prefers to be.

Here's Roan getting a ride on Gramps at the zoo.

Playing ball with Gramps

While Dad was here we managed to catch up with our friends Molly and Scott and their little darlin Audrey at the Denver zoo for a fun-filled morning. Roan was excited to see the giraffes once again, but rather crestfallen that she was unable to feed them. At least there was a baby giraffe for her to marvel at.

And here is an action shot of the jacuzzi tub going into the bathroom... right before it had to come back out again for a few "adjustments."

Let's just say this has turned out to be the project from H - E - you know what.

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