Monday, January 14, 2008

Someone stop me

Well I must have just far too much time on my hands these days because all of a sudden I looked up and took stock of what I've been up to and realized I have once again veered over into Freakish Mommy Territory. Exhibit A, Today's Activities:

- Made homemade brown rice cereal for Roan, involving griding rice in the blender (yes you can buy it at the store and add water but that would be too easy)
- Made homemade yogurt (no not from breastmilk, at least I'm not that kooky)
- Watched a video on selecting a good pre-school (um yeah I know that's like 2 years away)
- Have a stack of approximately 2 dozen library books next to the bed on a wide array of behavioral, nutritional, teaching and parenting advice

Exhibit B, recent craft projects: I sewed 5 bibs for Roan from microfiber dishcloths (the dishcloths were leftover from the Homemade Diaper Debacle). I was really excited about how cute they turned out, especially with the rickrack and matching trim, until I tried them on her and found out I cut the &*@$! neck holes too big. The pictures are rigged to hide this fatal flaw. I am reminded once again that I HATE TO SEW.

And finally Exhibit C, cutesy activities: I recently took Roan to her first storytime/music time at the library. After a very nice man with a banjo sings silly songs and reads stories, they open the "toy library" and all the kids get to play with the toys and even check some out to take home.

Well maybe I am throwing myself a little too much into mommyhood lately, but I've been having fun doing it. And actually I've done a pretty good job of making time for myself. I've been knitting fiendishly (a sweater for myself, thank you very much), I've been going to the gym on a regular basis (Roan loves the daycare there are much as I do!), and I've been making time for makeup, earrings, a cute hat, the little things that allow me to feel fairly human.

How is this possible, you ask? Where does she find the time, you want to know? Well I think I basically haven't gotten anything done at work for the past two weeks. Somethin's gotta give, right? Work was really cutting into my "me" time so ya know, who needs it!

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The George Family said...

Adorable bibs!

Did you quit your job??