Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is the greatest age

I've decided that 9 months is just the greatest age. I have had so much fun with Roan lately. She is almost always in good spirits and has so much personality now. She often seems to be carrying on a conversation, although I can't make out the words she's saying. She is constantly on the move, so curious about her world. She *loves* to play peek-a-boo, and will pull a blanket or her shirt over her head before making a dramatic appearance. She'll play it with me, Arwen or even the dog. Seriously, I saw her the other day peeking around the corner over and over at Sasha, laughing hysterically.

We've been going to storytime at the library/toy library the past couple of weeks and that has been a lot of fun too. Roan is so interested in the other bigger kids, not to mention the guy with the banjo. It is interesting for me to see how she interacts with other kids in a new environment. She seems to be quite the social butterfly. Unlike my girlfriends that I go with (whose babies are a couple months younger than Roan), she cannot be contained. While they sit happily playing with one or two toys, Roan is crawling determiniedly off to the other side of the room, going up to older kids, snatching toys out of their hands or just earnestly watching what they're doing. Today she broke up a play picinic between two adorable blond-haired four-year-olds. When she grabbed a toy sandwhich away from one of them, the little girl looked up at me for a moment in horror, but then offered Roan a piece of plastic birthday cake as a peace offering. It was adorable. Later Roan buddied up to a beautiful black toddler with a gorgeous afro who was playing the xylophone shoulder to shoulder with her blonde haired friend. It could have been a Benneton commercial, I tell you.

Arwen groaned when I told him about Roan's behavior at the toy library, thinking she may be a handful in the future. But I personally am delighted to see her so full of confidence and curiousity. As a person who struggled with shyness my whole young life I would consider it a blessing for Roan if she can feel so outgoing from the get-go.

It's really neat how much Roan can do now. She's no longer a lump lying there, and it's just plain fun interacting with her in new ways. But on the flip side what makes this age even more precious is that she is still very much my little baby. She loves to curl up in my lap and snuggle or read books. Sometimes she lifts her arms, just needing to be held. And when she's tired she'll nuzzle her head into my chest. She can be such a sweetheart. I have the distinct sense that as she becomes a better walker, and then a runner, these tender moments may become fewer and farther between, so I am basking in them while they last.

Here's a quick video, nothing award winning, just her eating an apple.


Anonymous said...

LOL - I love the home dog part! You are so clever... Love and kisses - GLollie

Karla said...

Ah, Heather, she's so beautiful! I can't believe she's already walking!!!