Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well it seems I'm long overdue for an update. It seems like Roan is changing so much every day. On Wednesday after she was with the nanny all day I could swear she grew just since that morning. And she's starting to look a little more like a toddler and a little less like a baby. She is still my sweet baby girl though.

Even when she's a pistol, which she has been all week. She is constantly shrieking at what I don't know. Such a busy body, always on the move, always into what she should be staying out of. A little more willful all the time.

She has discovered how fun it is to play behind the couch, as you can see. She's doing better with her walking, making it across the room when she wants to with jerky confidence. She also finally got into the toilet when she got away from us once this week and splashed around in the bowl with both hands. Can you say "Ewwwww"? (Stu I can hear you now!)

Although these pictures would lead you to believe otherwise, she hasn't been getting as much time with Aunt Jen as she would like. When we do get together, she lunges for Jen and Micah and holds on for dear life. But we did get to go to storytime today with Aunt Jen, which was a lot of fun.

We read books every day. Roan is excellent at turning the pages of her board books now. She also enjoys just taking them all of the shelf one by one. She's nowhere close to being able to handle books with paper pages yet though, because so far she hasn't met a piece of paper that didn't taste delicious. She has several favorites. Pat the Bunny is still at the top of the list, as well as a book about dogs that has furry places to touch, ears to pull as well as wagging and scratching action. And a counting book about dogs that involves me making ten different dog barks (who knew there were so many) which she finds very entertaining. I really have to put a lot of feeling into it though!

Aside from Roan, the other baby that has our attention right now is Hallie, and trying to get her well. She has continued to drop an alarming amount of weight and sometimes shows no interest in eating. Jen and Micah in concert with their vet are doing everything they can to get her healthy again. And the vet assured Jen today that it's not time to give up hope yet. Hallie spends the days with us so we can feed her lunch and let her out as much as she needs to. As skinny as she is, it's hard for her to stay warm even at a comfortable temperature so I've been snuggling her into a blanket. She was so cute on the couch this morning I had to snap a picture.
I had a really hard time picking a video to upload this week, because Roan has been up to so many shenanigans. I hope you enjoy these. Now I'm off to bed - it's not even 8:30 - to get some extra sleep. Roan's been waking up every night around 4 AM and on top of that I seem to have a bit of a head cold.

I'm having trouble uploading more videos... hopefully more will come soon.


Stu said...

toilet bowl? thats ok. Mr Alexandre Kai has been chomping on the dogs rawhide

Anonymous said...

Looks like Missy Roan sorts clothes for wash just like I do. Especially the part where she chews 0n them a little.

Love GGD