Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Baby Steps

We've got walking!

Although Roan took her first couple of steps before New Year's Day, I didn't really consider that "walking" since it seemed more of a fluke. But she's been steadily progressing and last night she took six steps in a row, a feat she's reproduced many times since! She is hooked on walking and doesn't seem to want to do much else. She hasn't been eating much or drinking much milk, but at least she's been tiring herself out enough that she's been a good sleeper!

She is standing up unassisted all over the place too - in her crib, on the couch, our bed, our laps, the dining room table, wherever she happens to be. She loves to stand on her own and shake a toy around, even lift it over her head. Her balance is remarkable.

Last week she had her 9 month checkup with Dr. Bacon. It was lucky it was scheduled when it was because the night before she got a horrible case of diaper rash. Actually all last week was terrible for her diapered places. She got 3 different kinds of rashes, none of which we'd seen before. One looked like chicken pox and then was gone the next day, the next involved bleeding which was horrendously shocking and worrisome but was gone the next day, and the third was a variety that didn't look bad - just a little redness - but was more painful than any diaper rash in her life. She screamed any time I went near her. But we've finally gotten all of that cleared up now, and it's back to normal down there, thank goodness.

Roan is now measuring 27 1/4 inches and is 18 lbs, 7 oz. I thought for sure she was over 20 lbs by now; guess I need to start lifting weights! She has fallen from the 80th percentile for height and weight down to the 50th. Of course now Arwen is paranoid we're malnourishing her. If we are, it's not for lack of trying. We offer her all manner of fresh "grownup" foods now as well as the usual baby fare. She just doesn't seem particularly interested in it. She'd rather get down on the floor and try taking a few more steps.

Here's a short video of our little walker, just seconds after her Six Step Spectacular. I'm having some cinematic challenges actually capturing her walking - seems like she plops down right as I get the camera going. But this is better than nothing. Be patient and I'll get a better one posted soon!


Stu said...

way to go roan! Alexander is walking on his hands + feet (rather than hands and knees). I suspect he will be walking by 8 months. he is already trying to get out of his crib! :)

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