Thursday, October 04, 2007

Notes from Houston

Here are a couple of photos from last week. We're in Houston this week, partly for business and partly for fun. I haven't had a chance to upload any photos from my camera from this trip yet though. Things have been going remarkably smoothly so far. Roan did pretty well on the airplane. She only cried briefly a couple of times, even though she didn't nurse during takeoff or landing. And she seemed to really enjoy the parade of people past her down the aisle. She had this look on her face like "Wow! Look at all the people here to see me!"

Since we've been in Houston we have been *so incredibly fortunate* to have both Jim and Beryl and my mom and Stephen volunteer to watch her during the day so that I can work. And Roan has done pretty well, given that she's in a different environment and inevitably on a somewhat different routine, and away from Mama all day long. Not that she hasn't had her cranky or challenging periods, but all in all she seems to like the change of scenery. She'll probably be bummed when we go home to be back in her same old routine again.

Arwen and I aren't used to all the waking up early to drive in to work. Heck, we're not even used to having to get up and shower, shave and dress nicely every day - since we work normally from home. So we've been feeling a little groggy. And Roan has had a couple of tough nights where she's woken up multiple times. But even when she wakes she has let us lull her back to sleep without a feeding. And then last night she slept for 13 hours straight! I didn't get to see her before I left for work this morning, but my mom assured me she woke up happy as a clam.

She is not quite crawling yet, but she works hard on it every day, getting a little closer all the time. She can sort of launch herself forward before she splats back down on her tummy. But I'm guessing we'll see her crawling for real in the next week or two.

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