Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost 6 months and almost crawling

Yesterday we went for a walk. It was overcast and chilly here in Denver, so I put her in her poncho and cloche hat from Great Aunt Bunny. Isn't she a doll! Roan does this thing when we go on walks where she has a meltdown about 20 minutes after we leave home. Usually it's just because she's right on the edge of falling asleep and needs a little help getting there.

Yesterday as you can see, she made it past meltdown and on into dreamland. She was so out of it, she was hanging half out of the stroller. Ah to be able to sleep like that and not get a crick in your neck! I love the little frowny face she gets when she's sleeping. She gets that from her daddy!

In other news, we are getting incredibly close to crawling (heaven help us!)

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Anonymous said...

We love our little cutie pie... GPops & Loli