Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy 6 Months

Last week while we were traveling I didn't have the wherewithal to remember that October 2nd makes 6 months for Roan! So much has happened this week, I hardly know where to start.

Roan is crawling a little. She doesn't get very far at a stretch. Instead, she likes to take a few knees forward and then plop over and sit for a while. She's quite proficient at going from being on all fours to sitting to lying down and back again.

Today was her 6 month checkup and Dr. Bacon was impressed by all of Roan's locomotive and cognitive abilities. She said she acts more like a 9 month than a 6 month old. Not that we're trying to engineer some super-baby over here. It's just comforting to know that she's developing well.

This past week or so she's grown out of a ton of her clothes. Today she measured 26 inches and she's 16 pounds 10 1/4 ounces. Roughly in the 70th percentile. In the last week or two she's gone from sitting with a boppy (support pillow) to sitting fine on her own to crawling to now... drumroll please... pulling herself up. Last night just before we put her to bed she pulled up in the crib, and then again this afternoon she did it again. I wasn't even watching at the time. I was busily reorganizing all of her clothing bins (putting away all that she's grown out of and pulling out the next size) when Arwen came in and exclaimed, "Honey! Look at the baby!" Sure enough she was standing in the corner of the crib with a big ol grin on her face. And then just to show off, she let go with one hand.

The other thing I thought I'd mention is that I have uploaded a ton of photos to my new Flickr account. I had thought I'd be able to store all my Roan pics at the site I'd previously directed you to, but that would far exceed their paltry storage limits. My Flickr photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaughans/ but it requires a login. I will send out a big email. If you don't get one just let me know and I'll send you one.


Anonymous said...

I knew she was getting ready to pull up! She is a cutie pie anyway. We miss our muffin. Loli & GPops

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I just saw all your gorgeous pictures! Roan is so cute and everyone looks absolutely love-struck! That was hugely cool to see! But imagine my delight when I saw Mr. Struthers in them too! Hi, Tom! It's been so long since I had the pleasure of teaching in your school and benefitting from your willingness to share your boots with my students.