Monday, February 26, 2007

Pregnant + Sick = No Gusto

Well darn it. After what was mostly a pretty nice week I managed to come down hard with a nasty chest cold. I've been sick all weekend, and by now my body is so sore from being racked by coughing and sneezing fits that I feel like my ribs are bruised. I was hoping to turn the corner yesterday but this bug is pretty stubborn. I was up most of the night. (But don't worry, I've been in regular contact with the midwives and have been taking their advice and watching my temperature.)

Last week's halter and sun hatThis is a lousy time to get sick. Not just because it adds the discomforts of illness to the discomforts of pregnancy, but mostly because there's so much I'm wanting to get done right now. We need to get this apartment in shape to welcome this baby. I haven't washed any of her clothes, towels or blankets yet. We don't have our diaper changing station set up yet. The car seat has not been installed. And until this weekend all of her "equipment" was boxed up in closets.

These go on the inside of the diapersI am also currently in the throes of a diaper obsession. I am almost eerily thrilled about the propsect of cloth diapering. I spent all my free time last week researching the best methods for laundering the wonderful organic cloth diapers we received at our baby shower. And then of course I made the decision to try my hand at making some of those cute, handy velcro types. After an obscene amount of time spent searching for the best diaper pattern and the optimal materials for sewing them, I got my game plan together. I scored some microfiber towels from the dollar store to be used as absorbent inserts. And then I found flannel in all sorts of adorable prints at Hancock marked down 50%!!! I was practically beside myself with elation, chest cold and all. Wait till you see the monkey print.

These fabrics are for the outsideBut this *&%$#@ cold has me too sick to actually get started with the project. All the materials are stacked up and ready to go, taunting me with their cuteness. All night long when I do actually manage to catch a little shut-eye, I am having fitful dreams - no kidding here - featuring an endless parade of diaper flannel and nail-biting dilemmas about seam allowances and the optimal use of velcro. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up and remonstrated my subconscious, "No more diaper dreams!" What a ride these nesting hormones are.

My HeroP.S. You know your husband loves you when you can send him out into the cold, dark night to bring back kleenex (because you went thru a whole box in 24 hours), cough drops, popcicles (he brought back 2 boxes!), and yes... even bendy straws. It's hard to stay hydrated when you're stuck lying down in bed, and now my struggle is finally over. What a lucky lady am I. He's my hero.

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