Friday, March 02, 2007

Bigger and Better

Week 36Well, as always I am definitely growing bigger all the time. (This sunday makes 37 weeks.) And thankfully I'm feeling better now. I still am hacking up yucky stuff but at least I feel human again.

This weekend some friends from Houston are in town - Brian and Xave - for a weekend of snowboarding in Breckenridge. Jay and Clover are throwing a Luge Party Redux in their honor, and this time the luge is much improved. We asked my midwife whether it'd be ok for me to make the trip up, and she cleared me to go, but in the end I decided to stick around home instead. I still need to fully recover from this cold and there's lots for me to do here to get ready for Roan. I hate to miss another great party, but Arwen could probably use a weekend with the guys anyway. He's had his hands full taking care of me sick and pregnant, managing the new house, and getting ready to become a daddy.

I plan to have a nice quiet weekend - after all it may be my last for the next 18 years or so! The main task at hand is a diaper sewing marathon. I started cutting them out last night and boy o boy are they going to be cute. I will also be checking up on the painters that are working on the basement of our new house. We went by last night at 9 pm and they were still working. It is a huge improvement already in terms of how bright and cheerful it is.

Oh, speaking of the house, we had a bit of good news this week. The upstairs tenants decided to move out early - on the 7th, this coming Wednesday - instead of the 31st. So Arwen is feeling inspired to get us all moved in before the baby comes. That would be nice. And Jen will be getting here sometime next week between Thursday and Sunday. I can't wait to have my Sissy back.


Anonymous said...

You just look so darned cute Heather! I am assuming you decided not to get your hair cut?

Love you both.

Love, Nuffy

Stephanie said...

Thanks for keeping us all so up to date. I can't wait for the baby to come and sorry I won't be there!