Friday, November 03, 2006

Houston, We Have Movement!

I've been waiting and waiting for this baby to get rockin and rollin. Before today the only fluttering movements have been isolated incidents days and days apart. They were so subtle I wasn't really sure whether it was the baby or the bacon cheeseburger I just downed.

But today has been different. I've been feeling the baby off and on every few hours. It's pretty cool!! The movements are still small and subtle, but they're occurring so regularly now that it's obvious that it's the baby and not my small intestine.

Some other developments: I have progressed past the 2nd button on my favorite pre-pregnancy button-fly jeans. I'd been wearing them around the house with the top button undone, but this morning when I sat down to get to work the peanut lump made it known that one measly button isn't going to cut it anymore.

And guess what else: I finished the froggy set! I put on the pom-pom eyeballs and stitched the smile last night at my knitting group. It was a big hit with all the other gals. Well... there's still ONE more thing I'd like to do, but so far my efforts have been thwarted. I am dying to find a single fly button (not like the button fly on my jeans - but like the kind of fly that flies, ya know) to sew on just outside the reach of the froggy tongue. Wouldn't that be cute?

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