Monday, November 06, 2006

Halfway there!

20 WeeksWe are officially 20 weeks as of Sunday. It's amazing. You can see how quickly things have been changing lately in terms of the peanut's size. I mean, come on, I'M HUUUUGE!!! I think we're onto a growth spurt now. A couple weeks ago I noticed my appetite had really waned - sometimes I wasn't hungry at all at meal time (definitely NOT like me!). But not this week. In the last couple of days I've sat down at a couple of typically oversized restaurant dinner portions and thought, Well I'll have some good leftovers tomorrow, only to find a completely cleaned plate at the end of the meal. I guess we're hungry!

Oh and Sasha says hi. She just had to sneak into this week's picture. She's been doing well. In fact she's on a walk to the park with her daddy right now. We've been telling her she's going to be getting a little brother or sister soon, but she doesn't really seem to understand...

Oh guess what... We got a car! Woo hoo, finally we can check one major thing off the To Do List. We picked up an '05 Honda CR-V with 23k miles on it. It's got 4 wheel drive and is loaded with tons of safety features. It's rated well for front, side and rear impact as well as rollovers. It also is LATCH-ready (the new safety standard for car seats). I'll post a picture soon.

I've got to run - We're heading to the gym. Peanut likes his/her cardio.

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Grandma Carolyn said...

What a great last couple of weeks. I laughed myself silly at the milkshake episode. You are a great writer. Congrats on the new car--and on Peanuts new gymnastics!
Give Sasha a big hug from us--we really haven't focused on her much lately. Can't wait to see youall at Thanksgiving.