Thursday, September 23, 2010

Howdy there. Missed me? I've been missing the blog, that's for sure. We are living out of the old house as the renovations continue at the new place, and we only have an Internet connection at the new place. My work schedule has shortened to just 5-6 hours per day, so I can't manage to squeeze in time to get any blogging done. And it's been killing me because there's been so much exciting stuff going on.

I continue to get bigger and bigger - big suprise right? This photo is from 2 weeks back, week 25. I'd like to think I've plateaued but it's possible I may be kidding myself. In any case, my mobility is good (if a little waddle-y) so my spirits are up. I am getting a kick out of seeing how big this little troublemaker can make me.

Also, I have some video updates for you.

Here's Roan playing with her friend Gracie at her first sleepover at our house.

And here they are horsing around playing hide & seek

Roan has also recently taken a shine to her Fancy Nancy doll. One day she got a wild hair and decided she wanted to dress up just like her.

But she's still got a touch of tomboy in her, as you can tell by how much she likes catching & playing with bugs from the yard.

And here are a couple of videos of her reading. Here's her vocabulary list.

And here she is reading her first book, Jan and Pam.

More soon, I hope!


Jen said...

Oh how I missed you! This blog is my crack. Even though we see each other, there's so much I get to see & enjoy here. I love the real life Fancy Nancy. And Roan reading was totally unbelievable to me until the other day she sounded out "apples" on Logan's jar of food. And that big ol' boy growing & growing! (no, I'm not talking about Arwen). It's unreal how tiny you look on these pics - you're just all belly ;-) I can't wait until baby cousin gets here!! xoxox

Keep the blogs comin!

Jen said...

we want MORE!

Anonymous said...

Wow o Wow. From new homes to happy girls playing, to big bellies and sore backs - what a lot of good stuff. Thanks so much for posting - We love you all - Gramps and K