Monday, August 02, 2010

just 3 days to go...

Yes that's right. I'm counting down to the big ultrasound on Thursday. Although I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about that or getting the official welcome packet for Roan's new school - something else I'm eagerly awaiting. She's starting Compass Montessori on the 17th, and it's like REAL school, oh my gosh. If we don't get her there by 8:10 she's tardy for goodness sakes. There are lists of school supplies, frowned upon items for school lunches, PTSA meetings, and school picnics. She'll be going into a classroom with 3, 4 and 5 year olds (that's pretty much how Montessori works). The class is about double the number of kids she's used to, but we think her time at Lightway has prepared her. I'm so excited my baby is starting school!

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Seems that's all we're doing lately. The other thing we're waiting on of course is to hear back from The Bank on whether or not they're going to accept our offer on the short sale. We thought we'd hear back 2 weeks ago. Then last week we were sure the official notice would come. (We got a verbal acceptance.) But still we're waiting. Now we have less than 30 days to close on this house or it will go into foreclosure. 30 days is a fairly tight timeframe to close on a house (unless you're paying cash, which we're not!). But trying to pull that off with a short sale, when that involves not just the seller but also a bureaucratic institution that moves at a glacial pace, it ain't lookin' good, I have to say. It will probably take a minor miracle. But then we've been the beneficiaries of a few miracles over the past few years... two in particular jump to mind.

To pass the time we've been distracting ourselves with our hobbies. The garden is getting going. We're not harvesting much other than lettuce and chives at this point, but the tomatoes are getting close. We planted a few different varieties. Can't ever have too many tomatoes, far as I can tell.

This, if you can believe it, is going to be a cucumber. I'm really confused because I thought it was a pickling variety. Don't think I've ever seen a jar big enough to hold this bad boy though. It's downright obscene!

Roan was pretty excited about these carrots we pulled out of the ground. It's from a seed packet that had a rainbow assortment of different colored carrots. The one she liked best was the tiny baby carrot that came up by accident.

Our grapes are back this year. Hopefully this fall we'll have a nice harvest. Grape jelly here we come!

We've also been spending some time with our chickens. In the evenings we like to let them out of their coop to stretch their legs. Roan has finally given names to all the girls. The brown and black one (gold laced Wyandotte) is named Zoe, and it's her favorite. The tan one (buff Wyandotte) she named Willa, and the two black and white ones (barred rocks) are named Chicka Chicka and Boom Boom. I can't really say that I can tell them apart, truth be told.

Here they are hanging out in the run.

And here they are roaming around the yard, eating scratch and being sassy. Watching them is relaxing, much like watching fish in an aquarium. Makes for a nice way to wind down an evening.

And now here is a selection of photos taken by our youngest resident photographer in a series I like to call Roan Behind the Lens.

Ladybug & duckie

Mommy and baby

Sweet dreams, Baby Sarah

Roan has been particularly nurturing towards her babies lately. Sometimes it's quite touching, for instance the way she nestles Baby Sarah in her arms and whispers comforting things to her that only she can hear. And other times it's quite comical, like when she declares sudden attachment to a "baby carrot" or a "baby rock". Apparently there are many objects in this world - living and non - in dire need of maternal nurturing, and Roan fancies herself as just the gal to do it.

Here's a video of her in a rather elaborate bedtime routine for Baby Sarah, which includes reading her a bedtime story. I didn't start filming until after the elaborate dressing for bedtime routine was over - which included getting Baby Sarah into jammies, a big and mittens (?). Notice in the video how everything has to be "just so." She's a funny combination of me (Cancer - the nurturer) and Arwen (Virgo - the organizer). Anyway I just love watching how her mind works.

Ok, last remimnder - if you haven't already voted, vote! It's neck and neck between boy and girl!!! Which is pretty much how I feel - on the fence, but leaning slightly towards girl. Arwen just put $5 on a boy last night. He says he's positive. Can't wait to find out!


Texas G.I.T. said...

Hey! Invite me to view your private youtube video, please.

It was great seeing you!

I vote girl.

And you know I went to Montessori school, right? Don't tell Arwen.

Leah said...

Work your magic again - I can't see the video! Momma