Monday, July 12, 2010


Here are the videos that go along with my last post about our trip to Texas for Uncle Johnny's wedding. I hope these videos work for you. I'm switching to a new system. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments as to whether viewing them this way (through YouTube) works better or worse than the old video provider.

This is from our stroll down the creek at Great Sand Dunes National Monument. It sure makes you feel good to watch your child so exhilarated!

Here are a couple from us camping. Roan was really excited about the fire. Notice how utterly filthy she is, and also how at peace she is with that.

Maybe it was the time in the wilderness that did it to her, but Roan seemed exceedingly thrilled to return to civilization, especially to the rather posh comforts of the Sheraton downtown. Otherwise everyday objects and experiences were somehow transformed into something special.

Here are the bride and groom arriving at the reception after the wedding. Don't they look amazing!

Roan danced danced herself silly all night with her buddies Madison, Makayla, and Logan.

... and so did Uncle Johnny. Here he is dancing to Soulja Boy


Anonymous said...

I can't see the videos - says it's private and to accept the friend request. Where do I do that? - Mom

Leah said...

I can see the videos! Loved each and every one... Mom/Lolli