Wednesday, February 17, 2010

our funny valentine

Our little Valentine was so cute! Here she is with her buddy Audrey dressed up for their school party. I took an hour off work to attend and was so glad I did. The kids were adorable. Each had decorated a paper bag to collect valentines, and each child took turns handing their cards out. One of the parents had sent a giant fruit arrangement, and another sent a boxful of beautiful homemade cookies. I stole an extra one for the road. (Thanks Molly!)

Roan had a special Valentine's Day outfit on, and when we got to school we saw she and Audrey matched!

Here's hoping everyone had just as sweet a day.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they matched. They're just too, too cute. - Lolli (Leah)

josefa said...

I like the way Roan "arted" it!
But the video she took wouldn't work. It was all white on my computer. Has she taken photographs? I just love your conversations with her! Can't wait to see you when you are here. Yipee! - Fifa (Josefa)