Wednesday, February 17, 2010

miss personality

I love this age. Roan is really shaping into her own person. Here is a look at her world. She took all of these photos, believe it or not.

The stuff she says cracks us up all the time.

For example, the other day she said she wanted to play basketball with Daddy. But by her rules. Putting the ball into the hoop was simply not part of the equation. She wanted him to sit in a particular spot and roll the ball to another spot. When his aim was off, she got stern with him:
"If you can't play the game right, Daddy, Baby Sarah and I are going to go play in the other room."

Nice! That one is straight out of our playbook.

One night at dinner she was showing us a picture she had painted for us. She was really proud of it. She said, "I arted it."

At school they're working on phonic awareness. During circle time each kid gets assigned a letter and they have to think of words that start with it. Roan was assigned D. When her teachers asked, "What begins with D, Roan?" she replied with great enthusiasm "Ddddddollar stoooore!!!"

Last week on the way home from school Roan was frustrated with her beanie baby kitty cat named Carmen.
Her: "Mama, Carmen won't stand up!" she complained.
Me: [joking around] "Well, should we spank her?"
Her: "Nooo! She doesn't like spankers!"

Today I learned that all my efforts at teaching Roan manners have failed utterly. I have done nothing but confound her on the subject of whether to use "may" or "can". Case in point, our conversation this evening:
"Please may can I have some honey milk?"
Then later, after I'd forgotten to get it for her:
"Mama! You forgot my honey milk! Please may can!!!"

We've been working on sleeping through the night withoug a diaper. Sometimes she makes it all night dry, sometimes not. This morning we were discussing the previous night's accident.
Me: "You remember having an accident last night?"
Her: "Yeah. But it's ok because it was just water."
Me: "Water? No honey, I think that was pee pee."
Her: "No it wasn't pee pee! It was water!"
Me: "Well where did all that water come from?"
Her: "It came from out of my bottom."
Me: "Um, well I think then it was probably pee pee."
Her: [patiently explaining] "No Mama. Pee pee comes out my hoo hoo. Water comes out of my bottom.

Hmm, you learn something every day.

But my favorite things she says are the "I love you Mommy"s and the "You're my bestest ever"s that she delivers with more and more sincerity. The other night she had run me ragged all day, and then at dinner time there was one more thing she kept needing. I had gone back into the kitchen for something she'd asked for when she came in and said, "Mommy." Oh lord, I thought, what does she want now? And just then she threw her arms around my neck and said, "I love you soooo much Mommy. And I love Daddy so much too." Well then, I guess that makes it all worth it, I found myself thinking.

Here are a couple videos.

Here you can see she's really into letters and spelling. It's her favorite "game" to play these days.

And here's a typical Saturday morning around our house, with Roan making up her own game to play with her babies.

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