Tuesday, September 01, 2009

oh happy day

I have had two back to back internet discoveries that have me SERIOUSLY PUMPED!

This is a web site for people into books. It lets you create a virtual bookshelf, write book reviews and participate in discussions. http://www.shelfari.com/ When I told Arwen about it he straight up laughed out loud. "Isn't the point of a book club to actually talk to people face to face about books? Isn't reading already enough of a solitary endeavor?" Yeah book clubs are great for people without toddlers. Plus I'm kind of on a bender reading old classics. Right now it's Red Badge of Courage. And I don't actually know anyone who happens to be reading that right now. So there!

But the greatest discovery of all, perhaps of my entire life (not really), is this awesome blog. Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. In which he writes in Middle English! Yesss! I didn't realize I could even still read it. The crazy thing is how faithful it is. "Geoffrey" refers to his contemporaries, various medieval world events, and common everyday household items of the time. And then he also throws in modern situations, like putting his kids through college and the unrest in Iran. It is laugh out loud hilarious for a Chaucer fan like me. Take for example the post about GC's trip to Las Vegas:

Philippa hath been mightily y-freaked at me for the tyme that ich spent in Vegas. And alas, ich haue lerned that fals is the man who seyd that al thing that happeth in Vegas doth remayne in Vegas - rathir, thos thynges that hap in Vegas aren revisited seven-fold upon eny sely man who thinketh to kepe them undir cover.

"Chaucer" even has a blogger identity complete with an Amazon wish list. His interests are "pilgrimage, drinking, and hanging in southwark." Oh my gosh I think I died and went to heaven!!!!

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