Friday, September 04, 2009

happy labor day

This labor day we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Lolli. And she got to see Roan and Baby Sarah in the matching dresses she recently sewed (and embroidered!) for them. That morning Roan first resisted having her hair brushed, and then insisted I fix it exactly as she specified: "Want a braid. And a flower bow. Not there. Over here."

While Lolli was here we did a couple fun things. We checked out First Friday (where all the shops near us stay open late and serve beer & wine). Our friends Tyler and Kelsey who own a bike shop had a DJ set up out front and Roan and 5 or so of her friends got down to the music. It was adorable! A couple of her friends really have some moves! Little Camilla looks like she's ready to hit the club scene. And Scarlett has this whole hip & shoulder sway thing down. Roan looked about like I felt at my first dance in 6th grade orchestra camp. Let's just say there's some room for improvement.

We also checked out Bellview Park, with has a choo choo train and a petting zoo, each of which only cost $1. Roan is still talking about it. I forgot my camera, so alas no pictures.

While Lolli was here, she and Aunt Jen also spent a little time shopping together. Aunt Jen bought her first pair of maternity jeans! Baby cousin is starting to bump out. And they picked up this dress up outfit for Roan. You know how I feel about all things pink and princess-y. They assure me it's not overly girly at all. They point out all the green on it. Mm hmm. How could I object though when she looks so cute in it, and obviously loves it?!

Seems like Roan has cracked us up or surprised us with things she's said lately.

Bedtime has been a little tough the past month until recently. We've finally gotten into a groove she seems comfortable with. A couple nights ago Arwen was in there with her and she said, "It's ok Daddy. You can go away. I won't cry. I'm a big girl now." When she said that guess who was the one with tears in his eyes! Then she added, "Baby Sarah won't cry either. She's a big girl too."

The next night he was in there with her again and she commanded, "Close your eyes, Daddy!" When he did she whispered, "I love you."

On Thursday morning we picked up Lolli from the airport. Roan had asked if G-Pops was coming too, and I explained he had to stay home this time. Roan replied, "Silly G-Pops! He forgot to come to my house!"

In another less cheerful example, there was tonight. Tonight was a rough one. Seems like she kept disintegrating into a tantrum every time we turned around. We had to cut the bedtime routine short and go straight to lights off and music. We left her for a few minutes, promising to come back. But that didn't stop her from crying and trying to get out of her room. When Arwen went back in, he found her standing at the door in just a diaper with scotch tape all over her chest. I mean all over her chest. "Where did you get all that tape from?" he asked her. She looked at him, angry, a glint of steel in her eyes and proclaimed, "I take off ALL the tape Daddy!" She was referring to the tape he'd put on the doorknob guard once upon a time to keep it on (and keep her in her room).

One thing is for sure: this little pistol certainly has her own personality, and her own mind.

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Elisa & Adam said...

Ah, the things that kids say(just too cute!) She LOVES her new adorable dress up outfit! Is that her Halloween outfit?