Wednesday, June 10, 2009

we are in so. much. trouble.

We've been enjoying the company of Uncle Doug this week, as he was in town for a company event. We've been putting him up in our basement (really he's been putting up with us), so as a thank-you he wanted to take us out to dinner tonight. 

We settled on something low-key, affordable, and with a great patio. As we were sitting outside enjoying the evening light and sipping margaritas, a table of leather-jacket-wearing motorcycle dudes was seated across from us. One in their group was very young. I would guess about 7 years old. Such a cute little blonge-haired boy too. With a studded leather jacket and a tough t-shirt to match his companions. 

There are lots of cute kids in our neighborhood. This one caught my eye for several reasons. For starters, the adults accompanying him did not appear to be from our 'hood. Not the typical dentists dressed up in leather for an outing on their $30,000 toy Harleys. No, there was a tinge of authenticity to these folks. When their food came and I heard one guy (his dad? an uncle?) bark, "Eat up, boy," I thought ooh these people are for real. 

The other reason this kid caught my eye is because of his persistent attempts to catch Roan's attention. Normally older kids are oblivious to Roan, and it is she that casts intreigued glances from afar. But in this case, this kid seemed quite taken with her. It was starting to make me nervous! I mean, come on, she's only TWO!

He was standing over near his table staring at her and just sort of posing in different ways. He took his jacket off and stood about, then put it back on, grinning, then took it off again but put on his helmet and shades. It was a dance that seemed more befitting of a teenager, not a first grader. I snagged a couple pics on my iPhone. Again, I stress he was doing these things solely for Roan's benefit.

At first Roan was oblivious. But gradually he got her attention. Before long she was completely entranced. I can tell you one thing's for sure. That kid is dang lucky Arwen happened to be sitting with his back to his table, and was completely absorbed in telling an old favorite story. If he had seen what this kid was up to, he would've been beside himself.

At first I could feel my protective instinct going into overdrive. But when I heard that one adult say so gruffly, "Eat up, boy" it totally changed my perspective. All of a sudden this kid went from being a blonde-haired bad-boy-to-be to being a likely candidate for a good snuggle and a sensible bedtime. Perhaps he took one look at Roan and longed for the innocence and nurturing she radiates. And then I had to pause to acknowledge my own historical weakness for cute, blonde-haired bad boys (of which Arwen was a beneficiary). Suddenly things seemed very confusing.

And that's when it hit me. We are in so. much. trouble!


Sandy and Doug said...

That's too funny--Roan is totally going to be a boy-killer when she's older! Where were you eating? I loved all the videos by the way. Good thing I have my own or I might have to take her home with me.

Bushwhack said...

I think she needs a little brother.