Sunday, June 07, 2009

video update

Videos, videos, videos.

We've had a lot of rain in Denver over the past few weeks. Here is Roan discussing her observations about Sasha's fear of thunder.

We have been playing inside quite a bit. Roan is focused completely on her babies. She just has no interest in legos, trucks, puzzles, playdoh or even painting. She spends a lot of time singing to them, rocking them, changing their imaginary poopy diapers and of course, putting them to sleep. Oh, and don't let me forget: strolling them around. She just got a new doll stroller which she's very excited about, as you can tell from the video of her opening it.

And as you can see from this next video, this stroller arrived just in time. Our house had been overtaken with lifesize strollers used to roll around tiny occupants inside the house. It was making me crazy! She had fun all that night strolling around in the house.

The next morning when I asked her if she'd like to take the stroller outside on a walk with the dogs she looked at me as if Christmas had come. It hadn't even occurred to her that she might get to take her baby in it on a real walk outside.

Here she is singing a couple of songs to her babies.

A recent development with the babies is that they have become rather naughty lately. I frequently overhear Roan in some other part of the house scolding, "No Baby Sarah! That's not okay! That's a bad choice Baby Sarah." Just yesterday I heard her take it a step further: "Look in my eyes Baby Sarah. Listen to what I saying. Not okay!" Here she is playing the disciplinarian with her disobedient babies.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of you! Luv & kisses - Mom/Lolli

Anonymous said...

These videos are just great!! I can't believe what a Big Girl she is taking care of those baaaad babies. Thanks again - Love to all- Gramps and K

Anonymous said...

She was always so beautiful and continues to be so. It does not seem that long ago that she arrived and now she is scolding her own "little babies". It is so cute to watch them mimic the things that they are told to teach her babies how to behave. Great Aunt Bunnie