Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tomorrow's a big day

Just a quick note to say I'm so excited about Roan's 2nd birthday tomorrow. She is too! We're not having her birthday party until a week from Saturday, but we'll have a little family dinner and a few gifts for her. And I'm making her daycare class cupcakes with purple frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Gotta have rainbow sprinkles!

Roan tells me she's excited about her birthday too. I've been asking her "What's going to happen on Thursday Roan?" and she replies "Gonna have my happy birthday. Like Audrey. Be two. Baloon for me. Eat cake," and so on. Suffice it to say, she's stoked.

Arwen & I (well mostly me) agonized over what to get her for her big day. We looked at a bunch of cute things. A wagon and an elmo balance bike made it to the short list. But ultimately we went with a toy she can play with indoors. It's a classic, one I can remember playing with for hours and hours. I hope she likes it as much as I did!

I have a bunch of photos to upload... hopefully will do that soon!


Sandy and Doug said...

I can't believe she's 2! Happy Birthday Roan! What an awesome toy--I didn't have one, but I was jealous of my friends who did.

Scott said...

Congrats on making it two years! Audrey has been talking all week about "Roan's Happy Birthday".