Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Angel

The roller coaster ride of toddler-dom has taken an upswing the last few days. Roan has been as sweet as can be, so happy all the time, even an outright giggle box. She has been particularly sweet and loving, overflowing with hugs and kisses. The other morning as I was helping her brush her teeth in the mirror, she put her arms around my neck and said "My Mama, my mama." So sweet.

This morning she picked out her clothes - her red corduroy dress with hearts on it. She's just about outgrown it but she loves it so much I hate to pack it away just yet. She was so cute I had to snap a couple of pictures.

I better get myself to bed. Tomorrow is a big day. We've invited a bunch of friends over for Saturday Morning Breakfast followed by the Tennyson Trick or Treat Street. All the kiddos are coming over in costume. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile - So glad to see her soooo happy in Daddy's arms. Love to all - Gramps