Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been doing a lot of belly aching and not a lot of picture taking lately. Here are some cute ones of Roan with her friends Scarlett and Isis last week when we all went to the park on a gorgeous Fall day.

Sippy cup friends

Holding hands with Scarlett

They had a blast riding this 3-seated bouncy toy together.

And for the latest Terrible Twos update, last night Roan again refused to put on jammies. We tried everying and finally had to put her to bed in just a diaper - which she later took off. And we had to listen to her cry herself to sleep. I hate this! It just stinks being unable to comfort her. We found her this morning asleep, naked, bum in the air, curled up on her blankie, soaked in pee. So cute and yet so gross.

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