Friday, June 13, 2008

So much to catch up on

I haven't written lately because we've been too busy having lots of summer fun. (And working in the backyard... it's still mostly dirt back there though!)

Last weekend was her friend Scarlett's first birthday. Here they are together. Notice how Roan is intently eyeing Scarlett's cheese stick, shrewdly waiting for her opportunity to strike.

Roan is saying all sorts of new words. Every time I turn around she's got a new one. Last night it was "ca-coo" for cucumber. And tonight, giraffe (or "raff" as she calls it). I've noticed that unlike most of her peers who seem to start saying new words by pronouncing the first syllable or first few letters, Roan most often starts at the back end of the word. Yogurt is still "gurt". Milk was "ilk" for the longest time until she recently added the "m". It makes it tricky for words that share the last few letters like stuck, duck, and quack, or cup and up. But it's so darn cute.

In addition to linguistic development, she is also progressing socially. When I picked her up at Mommy's Day Out on Monday I learned she has a friend who is a boy whom she appears rather taken with. I am not, however, calling him a boyfriend. I mean come on, they're ONE. Her teacher said she was saying "Brice Brice Brice" all day long. And when you ask her about this dubious Brice character she gets a big smile on her face and acts all shy. Watch out Daddy, she's getting an early start!

This week Roan had her last nanny share playdate with her best buddy Audrey. Next week they're starting up at a new daycare but on different days, so they might not see each other for a while. It makes me a little sad because she adores Audrey. After they've had a play day together all I hear is "Aw-dee, Aw-dee" all night long. They played outside with the water table today and Lindsay got some great photos; I'll post them soon.

On a personal note, we are starting a running program. A group of people in the 'hood (not necessarily mommies) call themselves the West Side Runners. West Siiiiiide. Oh yeah. Anyway they meet up once a week for a 3 mile run (I once ran 3 miles at one time. ONCE.) at a local restaurant, followed by cocktails and half priced appetizers. They call it reverse carbo loading. Anyway, it must have sounded like fun for me to break my "I don't run" mantra. I often say I'd rather walk 2000 miles than run 26. But with the limited time I have, there's no denying that running is the shortest path to getting and staying in shape. So of course we had to get a jogging stroller. I hate the fact that I now have TWO strollers. Ugh. But what can ya do? At least I was able to pick it up used on Craigslist for chump change - those things can be pricey!

What else... .oh yeah! Roan is fast becoming quite the swimmer. The outdoor pool at the park down the street from us opened for the summer and we've been making the most of it. Roan has a little swimsuit that has an innertube around the middle. At first she seemed to think it was a new torture device, but after just 3 or 4 trips to the pool she is a real pro! She *loves* the pool. We canNOT say the "p" word unless we are just steps away from the pool or else there's hell to pay! Yesterday they were closed unexpectedly, and I didn't know that till we got there and let me tell ya it wasn't pretty!

Considering she's only been swimming a handful of times in her life I could not believe what all she was doing tonight. She would actually kick her feet and try to paddle around in the water by herself, climb up the stairs and jump in, pull herself along the pool's edge with her hands, and beg to be put up on the side of the pool so she could jump in. It was amazing! And the whole time she just had the biggest grin on her face; she was so proud of herself.

Tomorrow Arwen, Jen & I are going to a class on composting. We're hoping to get some more work done in the yard this weekend. This past week we built two new huge planters for vegetables out of broken up recycled concrete. They came out quite lovely in my opinion. Next it's plants, then more irrigation, and then mulch!! I can't wait till the last of the dirt is gone. Which reminds me... that's the other thing we've gotta do: get rid of the 6-7 yards of dirt piled up in the back. Oy vey.

Oh and of course Sunday is Father's Day. Let me wish a preemptive Happy Dad's Day to all the dads out there. Roan has a card and a couple little gifty things for Arwen, and I have a couple of suprises up my sleeve for him.

Well that's about it for now. Big hugs to all our loved ones out there...

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lisa said...

I really like the reverse carbo approach-I was going to join Kacey at Berkeley Lake Mon night-wanna come? ~lmc