Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Last weekend

Our first camping trip with Roan and the Little Guy last weekend was good overall, although it was not without a few hiccups. We had some trouble finding a campsite (we didn't have a reservation) and got into camp much later than we expected after traveling long distances down some rough roads.

Just as we were congratulating ourselves on not having to set up a tent, we discovered that our 2 1/2 gallon water jug opened up inside the Little Guy and got all of our bedding wet. We found ourselves towling up water at 9:00 at night in the dark with Roan still not in bed.

But finally Roan went down like a champ and gave us a chance to enjoy some time by the campfire. She loves the Little Guy. I was skeptical that we would be able to sleep all together as a family in there, because co-sleeping has never worked out with her. But she slept soundly through the night, even with Sasha curled up with us. I wish I could say the same for us, but I'll take a night of solid sleep for Roan over us any day.

The next day she was in heaven out there in the woods. She wandered all over our campsite, picking up rocks, sticks and pinecones, placing them in her bucket and carrying her "treasures" to and fro. She toddled over to the campsite next door and introduced herself to the four other kids staying there. She discovered the fun of swinging in the hammock.

She also had fun at the lake with the dogs. And later on Aunt Jen (now sometimes referred to as "fee-fuh") and Uncle Micah took her on a walk to see a waterfall (she fell asleep in the backpack before they got there). She also got her first taste of roasted marshmallow, not to mention a campfire breakfast and hamburgers and hotdogs. I have never seen her so dirty, or so happy. I don't think she cried once all day except when I had the gall to try and make her take a nap.

You can see the rest of the camping photos here.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one weekend, on Sunday we went to a neighborhood picnic organized by the "Highlands Mommies," the mom's group I belong to. They had hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers for everyone; neighbors brought every kind of side dish you can think of; there was a dessert contest, a raffle with excellent prizes (we didn't win any) and wine and beer. Not to mention a lot of our friends from the neighborhood. Roan had a great time playing on the playground with the other kids, hanging out with her little buddies and poaching food off of our plates. After all that excitement, she slept in the next two days and took extra long naps.

Here she is all cuddled up with her Daddy on Monday morning. Normally she's all chipper first thing in the morning, ready to get after it. Not that day.

I told her that's ok; lots of people feel the same way about Mondays.


Anonymous said...

What a camper! She looks so happy. Love Leah/Lolli

Anonymous said...

From the second pic from the top to the very last one, it is apparent heaven to have Daddy hold his little girl. Could you expect anything less of the camping enthusiasm from Missy Roan considering her Ma & Pa? Thanks for sharing the pics. You could almost smell the pine trees. love, ggd

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun all around. I especially like Roan's technique for brushing her teeth--moving the head, not the bruch. How original!
The Little Guy looks like a lot of fun, and really easier than tent camping--never heard of them before. Thanks for the update!! Love to all, Grandma Carolyn