Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun in the snow

This past weekend we met my boss and his family in Winter Park at the YMCA's Snow Mountain Ranch for some fun in the snow. We stayed the weekend in one of their reunion cabins and enjoyed food, wine, beer, ice cream and pictionary!

Roan went sledding for the first time ever and she LOVED it. They had these posh inner tubes you could take down their sledding hill. Arwen took her down once and she couldn't get enough. It seemed a little steep for such a little person, but she thought it was great. She kept pointing and grunting at it until we'd take her down again and again. And she looked really really cute in her snowsuit!

She had so much fun we went out twice in one day. Here she is sledding with me. Notice the mittens. They're not my finest work ever, but I did whip them up in the car on the drive up to Winter Park. No one is carrying baby mittens anywhere in town! I had no choice! Ok, maybe I need help...

There were so many folks on hand eager to help out with Roan we got a nice break. Saturday afternoon Arwen and I went out for a 2 or 3 mile snowshoe. Here is Arwen with a goofy smile, because I made the mistake of saying "You didn't smile in that last picture!"

And here he is a few steps ahead of me, making tracks in the snow in the beautiful fading afternoon light.

Here's me on snowshoes looking like a crazy person.

So that was Saturday. Then on Sunday we put Roan in the daycare on the mountain and enjoyed a full day of snowboarding. Arwen worked on doing a 360, while I worked on making turns and not falling down. (I still have some work ahead of me on this front!) It was an incredibly beautiful day on the mountain. Lots of fresh snow, sunshine and blue skies. It was a lot of fun, even though we're both still sore.

I have to say Roan was a perfect angel all weekend. She laughed a lot, had a ton of fun being in different surroundings, and really seemed to enjoy making friends with Kelly and his family. Here she is reveling in a big bird cracker, apres ski.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun, and such precious pictures of you all. Roan is so lucky to have a handy mom--The few times we had snow here I'd put socks on the kids hands, with plastic sacks over them and secure the whole thing with rubber bands so they could throw snowballs. Love to all--Grandma Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I don't think Arwen's smile is goofy looking. In fact I think that pic of him is very handsome and looks like an ad for a posh resort - ditto you in your snowshoes. Missy Roan Marie - she is loving life and everything in it - what a cute snow bunny she is. Of course, when you are born in Denver I suppose it is just natural but many people live their whole life and never get to have such fun as you all did there on the mountain. I guess Denver has everything except a beach. What fun it will be when you bring the girl to Houston on a warm sunny day and let her see the ocean. She sees a wonderful world every day in her precious little life. Heather, you are turning into a knitting machine. Everything you turn out is just superior and oh so beautiful. Keep those pics comming - Love ggd

Heather Marie said...

Socks and plastic sacks? How ingenious!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip! Roan just gets cuter by the minute! Just one request... video(s). Love & kisses
Grandma Lolli