Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few photos

I thought I'd post some recent photos for you guys. Here is Miss Roan, drinking from her sippy cup and looking like a toddler.

Here she is playing fetch with Sasha. Not sure if I've mentioned but Sasha has been less than enthused about the new creature living in her house. She's never been aggressive towards Roan and always been reserved, but you could tell she just did not like the child. Until recently, since Roan has learned to throw Sasha her ball. Which just happens to be Sasha's *favorite* game in the world. So now when Sasha looks at Roan she seems to be thinking something along the lines of "Maybe the little turd isn't so bad after all."

Here's Roan playing with her friend Camilla at one of our Baby Happy Hour nights.

We've been doing a bunch of home repair and fix-up stuff lately. One thing we did this past weekend (and of course by "we" I mean "Arwen") was install a new pedestal sink in the guest bathroom, where the old sink was falling off the wall. Arwen did a great job and it turned out fantastic.

But as you can see from this photo here, he still has not graduated to become a "real" plumber yet.

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Anonymous said...

Oh No! Our little baby Roan has too soon become our busy "big girl". The infant/baby look is giving way to a new look.
I hope her Dad is teaching her that song, "I love Rock & Roan". Jen sang it when she was a todler - along with gestures & dance.
love to all, GGD