Friday, February 01, 2008

Such a big girl

Well I think I am weaning Roan off of nursing. I didn't really plan it, I haven't done any research on it (gasp!), it's just sort of happening. She has been such a wiggle worm lately that it seems like she prefers a bottle to nursing. Case in point, this photo here. On two separate occassions the only way I could get her to nurse was by letting her stand! Awkward for me, and silly to boot. But makes for a funny picture.

Aside from the wiggle factor is the fact that the girl can intake some volume, I tell ya. I've found it necessary to nurse her on both sides instead of just one side, and even after that sometimes she'll take a little more from a bottle. And given how much she can drink at one sitting, she seems to prefer drinking at a pace that ol' Mom can't keep up with. Over the past couple of weeks I've been nursing half time and bottle feeding half time, and she seems to prefer the quicker pace of the bottle. She has also gotten very good at holding the bottle herself, even when tired, and seems to take pride in doing so.

I think this is a good time to let go of the nursing because first and foremost, she seems ready for that next step, and secondly nursing hasn't dragged out to the point of being a burden on me. Probably better to bid it farewell while I still feel fondly about it. I am a little sad at letting it go though. And it also seems almost a shame - It is pretty awe inspiring what a great milk maker my body has been! But I also feel good about letting go gracefully, encouraging Roan to continue to grow and blossom, and not trying to hold on to her baby days beyond their expiration.

In other news, our little troublemaker continues to improve her walking. Even her new bunny slippers (from Great Aunt Bunnie) haven't slowed her down. She has spent most of this week trying to get over a cold, which means not eating much in the way of solids, napping irregularly, waking up at least once every night. It also involves me constantly wiping some mixture of snot - tears - drool - spitup off her face. There have been a few "extreme booger" mornings where I went in to pick her up in the morning and her hair looked like Cameron Diaz's bangs in "Something About Mary" from all the snot in her hair. Children are foul creatures!

Tomorrow Roan is going to her first birthday party. Her buddy Audrey is turning 1. Audrey's parents are throwing more of a celebration at having survived their rather vociferous child's first year. They are kicking it off right - with Bloody Marys at 10 AM! Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that Roan Marie is so advanced. Trying to turn Mom into a drive thru is pretty original. I guess. I almost killed Uncle Kirby nursing him. When he was 6 wks old the Dr. said my milk was too weak & put him on homognized milk straight from the bottle. She is a true toddler, toddling all the time. Kudos! Love, GGD