Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Daddy thoughts

[The following is an *actual* excerpt from a *real* conversation in the Vaughan household this afternoon.]

Arwen explaining to Roan as she was happily sitting on his lap, "This is your pointer toe, and this one's your index toe..."
"Wait a minute, hold on there Arwen. Pointer toe? There's no pointer toe."
"Well what are the names of the different toes?" he asks. I look at him quizzically. He continues, "You know like the fingers have."
I offer, "Let's see, there's the Big Toe and then there's... well.. there's all the rest of the toes."
"You mean they don't have names?" he asks, indignant. "They should have names."
"Sorry honey, I'm pretty sure there's no Thumb Toe or Pinky Toe."
"They really should have names. How are you supposed to do that piggy game?"
"You mean 'This little piggy'? You just say 'This little piggy...'"
"That's just wrong. Toes need names."
"Perhaps you have a point there, honey."

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Anonymous said...

Phalanges are the toe bones, they connect to the metatarsels, but I bet you already knew that. The big toe is the Great Toe. So, I think that the other toes, going right from the Great Toe should be named/called The Splendid Toe, The MugWamp Toe, Incredible Toe and last and even least in this case...The Very Pretty Pink Toe.
Wish I were there to play the piggy game on her toes. WARNING - once you start she will most likely follow you around sticking her little foot up to play the game. All the time. At least if you are lucky. Wish I were there to play peep eye and this little piggy with her. Love, GGD